New Vlog and Purikura video up on our Vhannel!

Hi pretty gals!
We have been trying to be more active on our youtube channel! I think our plan will be to once a week go to some random place that we have never gone to before and explore the area!
Hopefully the rainy season won't stop those plans!

These stills are from our newest vlog! We walked around Komazawa park with Noa and then met a friend in Shinjuku in the evening! We decided to take purikura in the new Barbie machine, me as Chibi Usa and Lea as Sailor Mars! I hope you would check out this vlog:Komazawa Park&Sailor Guardians?! 
And if you are interested we also have a video of the new Barbie purikura!^^

Our channel is still quite small, with small following, but we would appreciate all shares/comments/likes you gals could give us!^^


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With love♡

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