Second hand haul: Part One

Hi pretty gals!
We haven't been as active here recently as we would have liked, but we decided to make a post about the second hand clothes that we have been buying recently!
The apps that we have been using are called Mercari and Fril. Both of them are really easy to use, as you can search for a brand and then a category/price/condition of the item in that particular brand! Meaning you can get clothes in almost new condition for as low as 500¥!

We decided to make two parts as we are still waiting on a few items, so in this post we will be focusing on the clothes that we have been getting from Duras as they are definitely our biggest love at the moment!
Might as well add that one of the main reasons why we decided to start buying second hand clothes is simply because we want to save more money, WITHOUT having to have to stop buying clothes! So this is a great way for us shopaholics to shop without spending too much!

One of the first orders that we made were these four items, but we got them all together for 5890¥, which is quite nice! They came in good condition and the two bottom dresses actually have those shorts with buttons in the crotch! Pretty neat until you realize that your butt isn't flat and you have to go to weird lengths to button them after a trip to the bathroom...xP

These we got separately! Got the pink one for 5000¥, and the blue one for 2600¥.
This one came out last summer and I, Emi, fell in love with the design! However upon trying it on I somehow didn't feel I looked that good in it and ended up not buying it!
But I guess over the past year my perception on what looks good on me changed a bit as we bought a dress with a similar cut that we both really liked! Then when we started buying second hand I saw this one again and just KNEW I had to get it! and after getting the pink one I also knew I had to get the blue one...xP
The quality of the fabric is great and they certainly looked brand new when we got them! Adittedly I most likely could have gotten the pink one cheaper on mercari (got it on Fril), but I still hadn't started that app at the time and therefore did not know. So be sure to look at everything first, unless you are afraid someone else might snatch it!

The pink dress costed 1500¥, the white tunic costed 4000¥.
Really like both of these! weirdly the dress came with a stain that was not listed in the app, but with some baking powder and soap I managed to get it out just fine! Which was a huge relief as it was on the front of the dress and quite visible (most likely an oil stain).
The tunic is also super cute, but a bit difficult to coordinate with.

The blue flower top costed 2500¥, the white tank top costed 777¥.
Really like the flower one, not as convinced with the tank top, but Lea seems to really like it^^


Yellow one costed 1800¥, Red one costed 2300¥
I was always looking at these on my apps, had a lot of them liked on both of the apps, that is how much I wanted them. Lea wasn't as convinced but she approved of the red one...but I had been seriously lusting after the yellow one so I just convinced her to say yes to that one as well! xD

Brown romper costed 3333¥, Brown dress 2222¥ 
Both super cute, especially the dress. But the romper is a bit long, therefore quite open and requires you to wear some kind of a top inside.

So all in all these 14 items costed around 32000¥+some cost in shipping. So on average each items costs around 2000¥!!

I might add that paying for them is also super easy! If you live in Japan/or are staying for long enough time then just sign up with your address in Japanese and then pay in the convenience store, if you are not sure how to use the machines just choose to pay with 7eleven as they do it by the register!
Just remember that some of the sellers send the package so that you have to pay the sending fee! But they always state so in the listing.


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With love♡

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