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August 16, 2017

Hey pretty gals, long time no see!

Haven't really felt like blogging for the longest time, sorry about that....
I guess not many people blog or read blogs anymore so maybe it doesn't matter? I either way really enjoy posting on instagram and have been doing so for a while and Emi has been nice enough to help me get outfit photos and such to post!
Posting on insta is fun and all, but I don't always post all the pictures on there, and since they're small and of lower quality I thought it might be fun to post on here as well from time to time. I don't know how often that will be, but when I have time and feel like blogging I'll throw in a few pictures and hopefully anyone will still be reading the blog and will see this, haha... Well, if you are please throw in a hi!

Me and Emi actually quit our job this month and truthfully it's rather stressing and we have too much free time now. We've been applying to jobs, but not knowing how things will go is rather unnerving...
We will have three months to find a job or we will loose our visas, so I'm really hoping that we'll find something soon! Really not ready to go back to Iceland!

On lighter notes!!!!
Me and Emi went to get Ice cream at Eddy's Ice cream in Omotesando a few weeks back and she snapped some pics for me~

The interior was really pink and cute! Loved the old school phones on the walls, as you can tell by now :p Emi enjoyed teasing me that I was pretending to be talking to the guy I have a crush on and well, I can't say that she was wrong hahaha

We actually waited for TWO HOURS to get the ice cream and by the time it was our turn to order some of the decoration was already sold out, but it was really yummy so I won't complain too much!
We did vlog during the day so please subscribe to our channel so see it once it uploads!

Before getting the ice cream we had stopped by Tougo Shrine where they had a pretty garden with a pond full of carps that we could feed~
They were so greedy and big and there were a few ... weird, somehow I can only think of squirtle right now... but yeah, there were a few turtles there as well.

The dress is from my most recent obsession, Eimy Istoire! Manami, a former Rienda Girl, quit working for Rienda early last year to become the creative director of the brand. Her clothes are rather high in price, but the quality is great and designs are all so so so gorgeous that I just can't get over it! The worst thing though might be that she has a tiny chest that makes it so that some of her clothing isn't very accepting of bigger chests... like a dress I saw earlier this summer and fell in love with, absolutely perfect maxi dress except for the fact that, of course, the chest part didn't even cover my boobs properly on the sides :( I was so bummed that I don't think I'll be able to forget about that soon...
Thankfully not all of her clothes are like that and she has good sales so we try to get her clothing during them when we can!

Selfie time~
I usually keep my hair down, but with the "choker" and dress combo I felt that doing an updo would look great with it!
Earrings are Duras if you were wondering! Duras always has such pretty jewelry and these are one of my favourite earrings.

Here's a bonus pic of me and my boys!!!

I think that's all for now, so if there's anyone reading, thank you and see you next time!!!


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