Elegant Waterflower

Eimy Istoire's Water flower series is one of my favourite prints of all times!

Actually I love this print so much that I got a jacket, skirt, shorts, a dress and a shirt in this print and I have no regrets!!! Writing this down feels rather odd though as it makes me realize how my collection of Eimy's clothing has grown! Not odd in a bad way, but last year and earlier this year I felt like I wouldn't be able to buy her stuff as it's so pricey... then I convinced Emi to get me a hat from her as a b-day present and from there it's like the flood gates opened!!! hahaha

Summer is also so great as there are so many sales and I can't wait to see how the new years sales will be!

Off-shoulder top, skirt and bag are all from Eimy Istoire and the heels are Rienda.
I wish I had a closeup of the heels as they have the prettiest lacy pattern! I tried them on during spring in white and fell in love, however I try not to buy shoes that aren't on sale so I ended up not getting them... but then they were on sale so I just HAD to!!! White is my favourite, but seeing as they were sold out I got the pink ones and they're really pretty so I'm not regretting that!

These pictures Emi took for me in front of an apartment building and as she was doing so a older man living there came and walked in the gate... He didn't really show much of an reaction, but it was pretty embarrassing! haha, but that's what I get for taking pictures in public.

Selfies are of course a must so here you go!!!
I actually don't wear much jewellery during summer as it's so humid and just ruins them... sometimes I want to cheat and wear it, but Emi usually scolds me for itXD

Noa the cutie of course got to join and as always he's the happiest pretty boy!!!
I'm so happy to have him with me always, he brings so much joy!

Had a great weekend, and today was good for the most part as well but there are a few things we need to work on and while it's kinda stressful we have to try our hardest!


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With love♡

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