A Day of Sweets with Noa

Had a fun day out and about with Noa while eating some yummy sweets in Jiyugaoka.

It seems like we'll be welcoming autumn soon, which is so great seeing as we skipped right from Summer to winter last year and I had been really looking forward to autumn and wearing light jackets... feeling comfortable in pants... and well, just feeling comfortable in clothes overall XD

My outfit this time isn't very autumn-y, but I can't wait to get out my "winter closet" and wear my pretty sweaters and dresses I can't really wear due to the horrible humidity here!

Speaking of Autumn, the weather will just get colder from now on so eating some sweets and working up some fat maybe isn't too bad :p

While on our sweets journey to try out a few of the yummy places that Jiyugaoka offers I bugged Emi to take some pictures for me, hahaha.

Top→Eimy Istoire
Bag→Eimy Istoire
Shoes→Kobe Lettuce

I really like this outfit, hadn't worn the skirt in a while but it goes so perfectly with the shirt that I'm pretty much obsessed with this combo now!

Of course Noa had to join in on picture time and perverted a bit underneath my skirt XD
He was such a good boy though and sat down next to me so Emi could snap a few pictures of us, but then he snapped back to his usual baby-self and wanted me to pick him up!

I could gush on and on about him, but I don't want to bore you gals :p hahah



Love my hat from Eimy, got it as a b-day present from Emi! Too bad I just haven't had that many chances to use it -.-'

Family portraits! <3
He's not always very cooperative, but he is always very photogenic!!!

We made a short video of us  getting our fat on, so please keep a look out on our channel if you'd like to watch that once we upload!


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