Window Shopping Fun!

September 17, 2017

Looking at clothes is always fun, but JUST looking? Well, maybe not as satisfying,  but can be pretty fun XD
Went out with our friend from Uni for some fun around Shibuya and Harajuku and had a pretty good time! We're not shopping much at the moment as we need to save, but some looking isn't too harmful!
(except that it might be considered self-torture if done too much)

My self-torture of the day was definitely that jacket from Rienda... 45.000¥ for a jacket?!?!
Rienda wants me to die of sadness... or well, hunger.

But if I have a volunteer that's willing to get a sad girl a pretty jacket then she will forever be happyXD haha, these are the moments I kinda (just kinda so we're clear! :p) wish I had a sugar daddy XD Instead, I'll just wait for the sales and cross my fingers that the jacket will be available!!!

The hat is so nice too, Haru likes the beige one (me too) but I like how the red one just pops a lot more and I think it'll look great in autumn (well, red is the color of the season so that's a given) so if I were to get it, I'd definitely have a hard time choosing!

Friend time is the best time!

We've been friends for about five years now since she nanpa'd us in school one good dayXD
She doesn't like me saying that she nanpa'd us, but I find it funny and it's kinda how it happened either way! haha


I love walking around Harajuku/Omotesando as they have so many interesting stores to look at!
There's a pop-up store above Bubbles called Chuu I think it was and it had these flamingos in front so I snapped a few pictures!


We love walking Cat Street between Harajuku and Shibuya and that evening we had the best encounter imaginable!!! This adorable monkey was just chilling there and minding it's own buisness and we were DYING to go and pet it!!! Then we noticed these three guys looking at him and getting closer, but then they got scared as the monkey moved so we felt inclined to go over and show them how things are done!!! XD hahaha
Went over to the owner that was close by and asked if it were alright that we petted him, and then we made friends with this cutie!!! and omg, I am still so ecstatic about this!!!

It was a really great day of many small happinesses (I know that isn't a real word, but just get with it :p). Life has been kinda difficult recently so days like these are always very welcome! <3


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