Lucky Bag Sales!

March 29, 2018

First off, happy new year and happy Easter!! Sorry to always go off like this... I know I didn't really promise to be frequent in posts but I still feel bad for not posting as much as I would like to.

I actually moved twice in a short period last year  and it wasn't always easy, then I don't really have internet at home at the moment so blogging just became difficult...:<

But to the main thing ↓↓↓

Back with another post! yaaasss
Well, you might think by the title that I'm gonna expose you to some very late lucky bag goodness... well, I wish I could but the only one I wanted was sold online and sold-out super quick so I lost out on it .... oh well maybe next time!

but yeah, I'm sorry to be kinda clickbait-y since I'm really only here to spam you with some selfies and outfit shots... but if you're on my blog because you've been following me from a while back then I think you know what it's all about!

Like last year I met up with Emi to look at the sales, but this time around we decided not to line up as we knew we didn't really have to, the lucky bag craze has kinda slowed down in 109 as you are for the most part guaranteed to get the bag that you want (well One Spo is another story) and in my case the stores I like have really bad lucky bags for the most part so I don't even think about it.... or I try my hardest not to think about it as I always want to buy from Rienda, but past bags have been so horrible that I know that I would regret it.

 Have a blurry pic of us in the escalator at Donki XD

To be fair though this years one wasn't too horrible and they actually had a few items from last spring and autumn so I'm sure the gals that got it this time around weren't as horribly disappointed as the years before! I remember reading some posts from girls last time after the lucky bags and they were so horribly disappointed that I couldn't help but sneer a bit at my phone screen as I read their whining! XD

This year was pretty similar to last year and I guess it'll maybe just become routine! We went for Gusto for lunch and then looked around some other stores a bit.
This time at Gusto though I at least didn't fall asleep and then go crazy out of tiredness and do weird things with my lashes, contacts and rice...

After fueling up it was time for some more fun so we went to Harajuku to look at few stores, I got Emi to snap  some outfit pics for me and the day was made!

Ofcourse purikura is just a part of the deal!!! ♡♡♡
I haven't taken many purikura since Emi (my sister Emi, that could've gotten too confusing too fast) went back to Iceland so the withdrawal symptoms were strong...

My outfit was All Eimy and luckily all bought on Merukari for a good price!!! Eimy has sooo many great clothes and I'm just bummed that they are so expensiveeeee srsly why does a girl need a sugar daddy to survive in this world?!? No, but really I wish I could buy clothes from Eimy without the guilty voice in the back of my head telling me not to...-.-'

oh, and shoes are Rienda!

Using my all time favourite Carli Bybel palette that I got from BH cosmetics!
I had been using the old one for two (TWO) years! and I was 'finally' running out of my fave shades so I got the upgraded one and I do not have any regrets and definitely see myself using it for a few more years!!!

That's it for now!
Hope this wasn't a too boring post, hopefully I can make another one soon, but no promises!


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With love♡

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