Color Me Rad

July 26, 2018

I think we all agree that we need some color in our lives and I just went to the most perfect event for that!

Somehow good things always seem to come out of bad ones and through some ordeal last year I made a very good friend that helped me and Emi a lot!
Now, we don't get many chances to hang out, but she wanted to go to Color Me Rad and was kind enough to invite me with her!
For those of you now familiar with it it is quite similar to Color Run, though this one they didn't use powder but some gel things that was super messy!

Heading off to Ajinomoto Stadium super fresh fresh in the morning!

The day before she stayed over at my place since we had planned to be there before nine seeing as that's when the schedule was supposed to start.

So we put on our Color Me Rad t-shirts (that we cut a part of the neckline out and I would come to regret... but we'll get back to that later), and headed there.... surprisingly (maybe not?) there weren't many people there and the schedule only started around 11, well done us!

If it hadn't been for the overkilling numbers of staff there then we could've probably heard crickets there in the morning...

Once we arrived we put our stuff in storage and headed off for some cam-whoring, because really? For what else than Instagram-esque pictures are these events? Gotta give kudos to those that dressed way out there and those that tried to customize their tops! Funny though how when people try to be different they all have the same idea and look the same nonetheless!

They had a few places were we could take our pictures and post online for free stuff so we, ofcourse, took full advantage of that!!

I truthfully had hoped the Venus booth would give me a razor as that's always useful, but I got cute hotpants instead...that they were selling in a different place and I laughed at the thought of some clueless girl buying the pants only to find out later she could've gotten them for free... oh well...

After waiting for about two hours, eating/drinking a boost that was more of a frappuchino and sweating our balls off in the scorching sun they finally let us in to the main area where we would start our run!

I was at that point to tired from the heat that my hands were shaking and the thought of a "5K run" was high on my mind... like, how would I survive running that far in this heat??? I really went into this without thinking and well... turns out I didn't have to worry about that at all!

Before the run started though there was some DJ playing on the stage and there was a group of about maybe 40 people standing by there to listen... and another 100 sitting scattered around up in the stairs... I was really starting to wonder if people were there to have fun or what was up.

We had to be the cool people then and so we jumped around to the music and tried to have some fun while all the other people were like zombies for the most part around us...

Finally it came to the main event, my friend had signed us up for the first run so we went to the front line. There was a lot of excitement, yelling, dancing and loud high schoolers all ready to get some color in their life! and so the countdown started and as we counted down to one and water was shot in the air me and my friend ran with all our might taking the lead for a while until, wait, noone is running? what's going on? Did we get a different note than these excited younguns? We waited until two guys accompanying another in a wheelchair came running and ran with them to the first stop where we were shot in the face with colored gel, and omg the staff really went hardcore on it!!!

We continued on very slowly to the next two checkpoints... and then it was over... while fun, rather short but we felt like we were maybe a bit too ready to play in some AV afterwards as we were super slippery all over!

Next up was a jumping castle were bubbles rampaged, attacked you and covered you in heavenly softness!
As we lined up two girls in front of us started talking to us and once we started jumping in the jumping castle one of them took the chance to hold my hand as we jumped and then screeched out in happiness like only a Japanese girl can do... it was rather funny and cute but we fell afterwards so I just took the chance and sat there enveloped by bubbles resulting in a very soggy behind!

We then enjoyed some music and joined a water fight were I ended up being the main target it seemed with I think five girls and a dude running after me and oh my I have never felt as sought after in my life... not sure I enjoyed it though...!!!

We were quite beat after being there for about 4 hours-ish so we decided to call it a day, grab some food and take a VERY  anticipated shower!

I gotta take the chance to brag about the fact that my makeup STILL LOOKED FUCKING GOOD! Like, srsly, my eyelashes pulled through as if they were getting payed for it!!! Gotta give praise to D.U.P.s' magic as it wouldn't have been possible without! <3

As we headed home we started noticing the consequences of our wonderful day + the scorching sun in the form of itchiness and redness of skin... yes, we managed to get sun burned and I got a lovely farmer's tan which btw while has healed is still shedding off its skin now two weeks later!! Can't wait to get that over and done with! hahaha

 Yes, this is why you should not cut your t-shirt to show off your chest... and remember to use sunscreen many times a day, not just once kids!

Needless to say I grabbed some aloe vera on the way home and after taking a shower I probably put it on me over 10 times as this was not a very comfortable state to be in!!

Funny story though is that as we were heading off to the station two foreigners stopped us and asked if they could buy our bracelets needed to enter the event, they even came prepared with scissors and glue! (though one dude forgot to prepare money-wise) I wonder if they managed to get in!

So this was our wonderful summer adventure, did you enjoy it as much as we did?
Would you like me to post some more, and if so then what? I do not have proper internet at home so I am actually writing this up on my work computer, but it feels nice to be blogging as I haven't been doing so for a while!

(I do wonder though were all footage from the event went as I know we were being filmed a lot and our pictures were also taken, so I'm very curious as to how it came out.. but so far I haven't found anything!)

As always, thanks for reading and see you (hopefully, maybe) in the near future! .. if not here, then on insta (check out to follow me if you haven't already!) or twitter!!!


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