Blue Seas and Gorgeous Beaches - A Trip to Tottori

Hey gals!
I was chatting with Darla about the community and such and what we do for it, ofcourse we have been busy with Papillon and other things, but got inspired to make a blogpost (and maybe a few more after this one) but I actually want to do more to contribute... we'll see how my ambition pans out though! haha

I'm way behind on this (and you might've seen about 60% of this on insta if you follow me there), but I went to Tottori with my bf back in August!

We went to the famous town of FREE, but even though I'm not a fan I saw a few of the places from the anime and I loved everything! It's so incredibly beautiful and I was so happy to have finally been able to go, though we had way too little time.

(Just a warning, but this post will be picture HEAVY)

This was my look for going to the airport!
Top and skirt are both RESEXXY, I am in love with python prints atm!

We arrived quite late on Friday evening, but on Saturday we had lunch with his parents and then went to see the Sand museum, which was all about India (ironically enough as my bf had just returned from a business trip to india, hahah)

The sand museum was super pretty and I loved it a lot!!! The one here in the last picture was definitely my favourite of them all!

There is also this "Bell of Happiness" by the museum so we went up and rang it! *Here's for some good vibes in the future!*

This dress is Rienda btw, and so are shoes and bag!
I got the sunglassess off merukari, but they are RESEXXY.

Wherever we went we could see the sea and it made me really happy as that's how it used to always be for me in Iceland (though Icelandic sea isn't that pretty hahah). Just look at how gorgeous that scenery is?!

My bfs mom works at an air B&B were they also have two dogs, turns out they hadn't been bathed in about a year so we took on the job to get them clean! It was so out of the blue, but fun and they were so cute! This cutie is almost blind, and was so curious and nice. The other one was grumpy as hell, but cried so painfully as we bathed him... I really felt sorry for him but he turned back to his grumpy self as soon as he had received some snacks for his troubles hahaha

We then went on a boat ride which was so much fun! The breeze felt amazing and ofcourse the sea and everything was just beautiful!

A while back I had heard about a pretty building and pink curry in Tottori so I adamantly insisted on going there (though it was a separate thing in the end and while we tried to get curry, we couldn't), and it did not disappoint!
The Jinpukaku was built for Emperor Taisho over 100 years ago ad everything about it is a dream!

There was a plan for having a BBQ in the evening so after doing some shopping for that we went for a walk on the beach and to this pretty shrine!

I absolutely love the island with a tiny little shrine on it! It's beauty really stood out to me!

Another trend that I've been loving recently is scarves! in any shape or form, so this dress from Eimy was perfect for summer and I wore the heck out of it (sorry not sorry if you've seen too much of it)!

Summer has been so humid and gross as always, so my hair had fallen down mostly, but I'd like to think that thanks to my extensions it still looked decent hahaha

In the evening we played with fireworks on the beach and it was so much fun!!!

Then it was time to leave, but that didn't stop me from strutting my last outfit and getting some pictures!!!

I had a wonderful time in Tottori, and now my plan is to go there someday to see Nagashibina!

Just one last selfie, since I have to make all them worth the time! hehehe

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