A summer is nothing without festivals!

If there's anything that screams summer then it is festivals, and here in Japan it's especially true!!!
Rainy season has been very long here this year and before that we've not really got the typical good weather we're used to so the feeling of going to Matsuri (festival) hasn't really been here...

However, as some of you might be aware of the 7th of July is Tanabata (Star Festival) and while the festival is usually not celebrated on the day for the most part, this year I was determined to wear my yukata and celebrate Tanabata on the real day!

Before summer I had already hunted down a yukata on Merukari and couldn't be happier about my Rady yukata!!! Got it for the good price of 4500¥ which is super good as many girls would def try and sell it for more! so score!

I also did my makeup purple to match it (and I've been really loving my "It's my Pleasure" by Colourpop!), turned out super well even if I say so myself! ♡

Back to the Festival! It was held in a part of Asakusa that is called Kappabashi (Kappa is the mystical frog-like creature and bashi means bridge!), where everything is Kappa themed! It's a rather long shopping street with I think mostly just home related products.

Compared to some festivals it was quite underwhelming as there weren't really many food stalls nor decorations, but two of them were super cute!!!

It was rather cold and rainy on the day and since it was windy we ended up quite drenched, tired and cold... had our fun though so I don't have any regrets!!!

I tend to go to many festivals each year, and while this one has been a slow one festival-wise I just went to a different one called Mitama Matsuri that's in Kanagawa.
Me and my friend had planned to wear yukata and go together, but she didn't manage to get one in time so we just went out in normal clothes and had so much fun!!!

Me, Emi and a friend went there two years ago and vlogged about it so if you're interested go take a look! (Honestly one of my fave vlogs so I really do recommend it!)

We met in Shinjuku before heading over  and my stupid ass didn't see her Line so I ended up being late... oh well, we then ended up arriving a bit before the Matsuri started so it was quite empty!

We looked around a bit and then grabbed some food (hadn't really eaten anything hahaha)

In this Matsuri,  there's TONS of food stalls, Bon Odori AND fireworks!!! Not so may fireworks are shot up, but it's still a lot of fun!

As it got darker outside, people started crowding up the area, and before we knew it became impossible for us to move around!

A bit of a sidetrack but me and Kuromi ended up both being kinda purple themed and both with purple in our make so that was pretty cute!

It's so pretty in the evening though as the stalls fill up each side of a not-so-wide passage to the temple and the smeeelllsss yum!

I saw and tried their こじゃが(small potatoes fried on the pan with butter) and OMG were they good!!!!

 Did we take too many selfies?
This picture below should convey our feelings if your answer is yes...

Sooo... a definite NO!

After the fireworks we were done and wanted to head back for some purikura.
We started noticing some dude following us and always sticking super close to my friend which made it difficult to talk.... but then after a quite a while he got the courage to talk to us (I scolded him a bit for taking so long because it was weird XD), he was funny enough so we talked to him and after finding out there was no purikura in the game stations around we went out for drinks together! hahaha

Got our drinks at Toriki and I was honestly impressed by how extra nice the staff was there!!

I can honestly say we had lots of fun there despite being all wtf over what was going on XD

Then someone had too much fun with us and took the train with us all the way back to Shinjuku (1 hour ride) and ofcourse... more selfies hahaha

And from there this awesome eventful evening was almost over (went for drinks with le bf afterwards) so I'd like to think some pretty memories were made!


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