Long hair brings all the boys to the house!

Hello Gals!
It's time for a long overdue blog post!

Back in 2015 I went and got hair extensions with Emi, and while I loved it I never got extensions again after that. Then me and a friend Emi went to Tokyo Outlet Week a while back and were talking about extensions and seeing as both of us wanted to get extensions I went ahead and booked us an appointment at Yu House!
They told us that it'd be busy so we might have to wait around, but we've got plenty of time and plenty to talk about so it wasn't a problem at all!

Here's us chilling while they consult with us about our hair and such!
We had been planning to get amikomi (braids) but the hairstylist convinced us to get seal as they have a new type since this year that's better and while we were kinda on edge to begin with we decided to try as the difference in price wasn't so bad!!!

Here's my before and after!
I am honestly in awe at how perfectly they could color-match the extensions to my hair as that was what I was most worried about.

They started on my head first, a girl (seemingly beginner?) and probably the owner, but then he moved on to Emi's head and later another girl joined and they ended up finishing her first. I wasn't surprised though as the girl doing my hair seemed more nervous about it all.

I went there straight after work, without any makeup and did it at the salon so that we could take some purikura and of course all the selfies!!! hahaha
It came out so well and we were strutting the streets as if we owned them ('cause we obviously did!)!

I've been getting compliments at work and one of my close coworkers is in awe of how natural my hair looks (so am I!)

The extensions are a bit itchy, and my head is getting used to the extra weight, but I'm sure that's something that I'll get used to pretty quickly! Also, I have a feeling that my hair will hold some curls now that my fake hair will probably not be as affected by humidity!

After getting our extensions we went a bit to 109 before it closed and while taking some escalator selfies (because who doesn't?) some old lady suddenly started talking to us and was in my face like "was I in your picture???" I got so surprised, but showed her that she wasn't so she started just talking a bit to us... thankfully not a lot and we just continued on...

Here's some of our purikura!
The first two are from one that's all the craze right now, where you can control the angle and height of the camera, but it makes my eyes super big and washes out my face weirdly so it's kinda a hit and miss if I like it (have taken it before and found it cute!)

It was funny walking down the streets in Shibuya afterwards as there was an obvious change to attention after getting our extensions compared to how it was with "short" hair! hahaha

What do you gals think? Time to go get some extensions maybe?!?!


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