Bubba Gump and Enoshima Adventures!

Hey gals! I wanted to share a few pictures with you from what I have been doing recently!

The other day I went to Bubba Gump here in Tokyo.
We had tried to go there before but it had been fully booked, but we got lucky one day and headed on over!

 ...and OMG was it good!

We tried the shrimp cocktail, some fried chicken (with THE BEST potato mash, like I would seriously go back there just for that!!!), cajun (I think it was?) shrimps and a clam chowder! Everything and the drinks were super yummy so if you ever have the chance to try them out, THEN YOU SHOULD!

They have a store in Osaka too I think, and ofcourse some in America as well!

The same weekend we had to watch Forrest Gump as it had been too long! I really love the movie, though, I do not think I appreciated it as much when I was younger...

They had the bench with Forrest's bag and box of chocolates there and it was super good, and of course the best chance for a photo!

“My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

Last weekend there was a thing going on in Enoshima where they had 1000 lanterns scattered about that I wanted to see. We headed out and got there before it became completely dark so we could check out the island a bit as well. I really like Enoshima as it's really pretty and I can enjoy the sea there as well (despite it being rather dirty), but hearing it and seeing is always very nice as living in Tokyo I do not get many chances to go near the sea.

Mt. Fuji was super pretty that day as well and it looks super big from Enoshima!!! The picture really doesn't do it justice as it looks tiny in it, but believe me when I say it looked HUUUGE!

Me and Emi have always petted these dogs by shrines when we see them as thanks for their good job, honestly love them a lot!!

They have this fake lighthouse that was also lit up super pretty, but it cost do go in and so I was just noooope, still super pretty as well as the lanterns!

It was getting kinda late, but we saw people playing with fireworks by the sea and wanted to do the sameXD It was a lot of fun, and only my second time playing with fireworks like this in Japan so well worth it despite arriving home pretty late!

Here's my look for Enoshima, it wasn't too hot so I opted for pants and wore a thin jacket as well, but with walking around a lot it was a bit too warm to wear the jacket so I skipped it for the most part! Still love it tons and hope to wear it a lot more!

What have you guys been up to recently?

Been having a great time overall recently and this weekend is another festival that's a favourite of mine, so yukata time!!!


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