Eyemake Collection

While my thought are that blogs are turning into flowers without water withering away I still enjoy the documentation of my life, fashion and makeup. I might more lean towards the more fun stuff when it comes to life, but I don't want to look back on here to remember the bad stuff!

I thought I might dump my eyemake here so hopefully they will serve as inspiration to some of you despite maybe often just looking the same! hehehe

I often look back on my makeup photos for inspiration myself, but also some pictures I can remember about the day I spent as they help shake up my memory XD (for example, one of these are from my third date with my boyfriend)

And that's it!
A lot of them are pretty similar as I found what I like and have been sticking to it for the longest now.
I've also been obsessing over Carli Bybel's eyeshadow palette for three years now, but recently I have started venturing a bit out from that palette and trying different colors a bit more!
I also got on with the colored eyeliner pen and currently love the blue one! I have a pink and orange one, but I see I do not have any proper pics of that here... well, that will just give you something to look forward to in the future then! :p

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