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In Japan nothing screams more summer than festivals and firework shows, and for any girl going to these events wearing a yukata is always the goal despite the scorching heat making sweat run like a waterfall down your thighs!
I've already gone to see two firework shows this summer, but still hadn't taken out my yukata at all! So this weekend was one of my favourite festivals in Asagaya, Tanabata matsuri, and I had take out my yukata and enjoy if fully!

Sorry, I'm too lazy to cut down this pic for only the eyemake detail so you'll just get a fat ass pic of most of my face! XD On the gyaru amino there is a summer challenge and the theme is to do something with blue! That was perfect for me as I have my blue yukata and then I've been obsessing over different colored eyeliners and as such I ofcourse incorporated the blue liner in my makeup! It's nothing super extreme as I don't feel like too much blue on my eyes is good for me, but cute enough!

I really love the details of this yukata! The colors are quite soft and very cutesy which is perfect for me as I don't really like very dark colors on my yukata. The flowers also have some gold glitter accents in them too which is super cute and absolutely perfect! I paired my yukata with a yellow and pink obi and tied it up in a butterfly obi which is super simple, yet very cute!
The obi belt I used as decoration has some pearls on it so my hair accessory had some as well as my earrings were big pearls!

After I finally got ready we then headed out, but first stopped at Nakameguro to see the Awaodori there! Truthfully none of the ones we saw were that great, a combination of us being late and just staying for about an hour.... but the Koenji one is in just a few weeks so that's gonna be really good for sure!!!

We then walked around Asagaya's shopping streets and enjoyed a bit of food and the decorations the stores always put up!

Second year around that they do a Trump one and I was very amused by this one!!
There was a really horrible Chewbacca one, but I forgot to take pictures, and only got a video... it is up in highlights on my instagram if you're interested in seeing!

We were there actually kinda late so there weren't too many people, but that meant that there weren't as many stalls left, I got some yummy food and cotton candy though so I'm quite satisfied!!

Afterwards it was time for purikura!
Purikura is ofcourse a must for... well... any occasion!!!

We then watched Mirai no Mirai in the cinema and while it was rather odd, it was a lot of fun!

I want to take this chance to make a shoutout to the community on Amino as everyone is super nice on there and I'm feeling super inspired to post more regularly thanks to them! So if you haven't signed up yet and checked out the gyaru community on there then I really suggest you do!


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