How old are you? How old do you look?

Today I suddenly remembered a funny story and felt like writing a little blog post about it^^
The thing is we have always been short and childish. And because of that MANY misunderstandings have been made, much to our amusement...and sometimes dismay...:s
Also on top of that we never used makeup before the age of 18....

So one day we went out to get pizza with our mother's friend.
At the restaurant while waiting for the pizza the waitress came to us and asked if we wanted ice cream, which is not so weird to ask a 11 year old child, but the thing is, we where 17 years old. Our mom's friend's face just fell off her, but we just calmly said yes, that we would like to get some ice cream, because who say's no to free ice cream?
While shocked and angry for our hand our mom's friend asked us if we where OK to be treated like that, but truth be told we did not mind it that much xD

We want to share some other stories like this with you, and if you gals have some funny stories about your age, please share, we would love to read them!

Here in Iceland most kids get confirmed (if that is what it is called, when one confesses(?) their faith in God). So, last year during the "confirmation season" we had to take our dog to the vet, so we dolled up and went out, while at the pet shop a woman comes up to us saying how nice we looked, "did you just come from your confirmation photoshoot?"
Our mom was with us and she got kinda angry and snapped at her, "NO! they are 20 years old!" -.-'

Also, before that when we where 19, we graduated from High school, and decided to celebrate it and invite our family to dinner. For dinner we decided to have a fish soup, but since we love lobster we decided to only have lobsterxD But we felt that with a soup you just have to have BREAD with it so went to the Bakery to order some bread for the dinner.
At the bakery the woman at the counter asks us, "oooh~ for your confirmation party?"
And again our mom gets kinda madxD and tells her that it is for our graduation party...
she looked kind of sheepishxD

These kind of things also happened to us while buying video games. When we where around 15 we loved spending our money on video games instead of clothes or jewelry, so at every chance that we got we went and bought ourselfs a game.
So one time we went to buy a game that was forbidden for children younger than 12, and surprisingly we where asked for identification...imagine how surprised that made us! Since that meant that the man at the counter thought we where 11 years or younger D: xD

Which also reminds me! The most horrible mistake you can ever make when you look younger than you are, is forgetting your identification at home...-.-'
We have gotten in so much trouble because of it, and it is so embarrassing too, because no matter how much you try to convince them that you are older than 18, they just WON'T believe you! >.<

So here is a picture of the 20 years old us^^ 
(but, we are 21 nowxD)

Thanks for reading~! and please share some funny or embarrassing stories~xD

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