Emi's day off+ pic heavy

 Hi gals!
Today I had a day off, and for the first time in 10 days I got to put on makeup!!!!><
(I do not put on makeup for work, since I am cleaning the rooms^^)

After work today me and Lea went out for a walk, and I took some pictures^^

 See that small figure on the top there?
There was a seagull standing there for the longest time, most likely on the look out for danger.
And always when we got to close to the bird some of them would come flying towards us with all their noises, so we started screaming back at them, I think it worked since they always flew back when we screamed at themxD

And then we found a bird nest!!!
We where so happy!><
We always love seeing nests upclose^^

There is a pond by the hotel where we work and there are two duck couples there(two kinds) and both had little ducklings, so cute!

Believe it or not there are also goldfishes in the pond.
But they where put there by some kids, and because of the hot water that runs in the pond the goldfishes have grown a bit bigger than normal.

 And since it was my day off, of course I camwhored.....ALOT....had really nothing else to do....xD

Here you can kind of see my outfit^^

And my accessories, the flower is actually a hairband-thingy, I just really like using it as a bracelet^^

I was playing around with the settings on our camera....can't believe I have had it for almost 4 years and almost never looked at the settings..... Guess I was not curious enough...xD

I did cat ears!!!!><
I actually changed my hairstyle in the middle of the day, put my bangs up(So I kind of had three buns on my headxD) and then but my hair in ponytail.....just not the child like ones....xD 
But I have no pics of it...:s

My makeup today, kind of simple, although I did stash 3 fake lashes on top of each other....
We really need to get some new gyaru brand falsies.....:s
These ones are nice, but I like them dramatic....

That's all gals!
Thanks for reading and bearing with all these picsxD ^^

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