To our fellow Gyaru...

Ever since the Gyaru style has floated into our lives, we often come across many barriers in order to perfect our look.

Being foreign, has always been our downfall in gaining the respect, admiration, and resources, we deserve.

To those of you who are tired of just looking at pictures...

To the countless Gals that sit there in ridicule, with Gyaru Secrets at your back, and pictographs at your front...

To those of you that want something made just for us...

We hear you.

Today we are proud to officially announce the first ever Gaijin Gyaru Magazine, GAL VIP. Because every Gyaru is Important.

First let me introduce you to VIP's exclusive Gyaru Models: 

Great news gals!
Today Chaudie approched us and asked us to join GAL: VIP, and we imedietly said yes!
We are so excited to help with the magazine and we will try to do our best!!><

Wish us luck!^^

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