These past few days...

These past few days have been so exciting!>.<
hahaxD not much has happened though, we have become a part of Gal VIP, and because of that we just HAAAD to order some clothes, but nothing too much~
We are so happy to belong to that group of amazing gals and it is so nice conversing with them all^^
We really love what gyaru has brought into our lives, it has only been a little over a year since we started gyaru, and we btw missed our blog anniversary, bad us! >.<'
And we have met many really nice people because we started this blog, tumblr, and through Twitter too~<3
Then our excitement for going to Japan has been growing, our life will hopefully be full of new and exciting experiences there<3
Now we just wish our job would be more fun, but what could be fun about cleaning toilets everyday? xD haha, atleast our co-workers are fun, that always counts for something, right? ^^

Now, we are justt gonna spam you with some pictures...x3

These are all just of LeaxD she had a day off today, yay!

I also took some pictures through facebook~
I had been on the phone for awhile trying to book flights to Tokyo, but things were not going like I wanted to, so I was kinda pissed off..xD but not reallyxD just for less than 10 seconds if anything www

Well, that's it! we don't really have much more to say~ bai bai<3

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