Candy days 2012 *Mærudagar*, day one

July 30, 2012

Hi gals!!
This weekend we finally had some days off together! (well, because we had asked for this weekend in advancexD) But this weekend was the yearly *Mærudagar*, or candy days. We also blogged about it last year, see here<3 (although I think I will need to fix that post.....or at least the pictures....:s)

So on Friday we finished work off early and our uncle came to pick us up^^
We ate dinner with our aunt and uncle(and nieces) and then went off to the meatup for the "march"(?) for the pink district(The town was divided into three parts, pink, green and orange)

Almost everyone wearing something pink^^ (Emi only wore one pierce that was pinkxD)

These two guys where just way to funny!! xD
They had NO coordination at all!!! So funny to watch!

We stole so many things from our niece for the three days that we spent with them!
She is only 13, but she is already taller than us!!
Emi is wearing heels on these pictures, but as you can probably see there is not much difference in heights :s

Wearing our nieces jacket(and in the evening her shoesxD)

 Our nieces fake "leather" jacket.

 The green district had their own Shrek and Fiona^^

Our cute little niece <3

Then every district performed something^^

I don't really like Justin Bieber, but the pink district did a remix of Baby, but sang "Bleikir" instead of "Baby"(Bleikur means pink)

Then a band stepped on stage to set the mood for the evening, but no one from the green district was in it, we thought it was kind of funnyxD

Fanta grape for those who love to drink it in the summer^^
Our aunts family(her husbands) has a fish and chip store by the harbour in Husavik, so please check it out if you ever go there! It is really good and the fish is always fresh!^^

Well that is all for now(SO many pictures o.0 *O*)
Will make a post about the second day and the third day(whale watching) soon!^^
Thanks for reading!

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