Candy days

"Mærudagar" or "Candy days" has been a yearly tradition for the last 16-17 years here in Husavik.
Mæra is an old icelandic word for candy, but it is rarely, or even never, used.

Few years ago it was decided to order the streets of the town into three colors, pink, orange and green(lime).
I instantly thought that there would be huge competition between the colors and even rivalry, and I heard this year from someone that it was like that....

This year I could spend "Mærudagar" with my friends from Uni, Jon, Kristinn, Sigga and her boyfriend, and it was so much fun. They drove here on friday. And since we have to wake up early for work every day and we knew that we would get little sleep when they would arrive.
So we took a nap when we came home><

But we where not able to sleep much since our friend, Jon, that works near us came early^^ which was fun and we went to town together.

Then our friends arrived and we bought COTTON CANDY!!!!
At first it was me and my sis and then everyone started buying it...almost... it was the BEST COTTON CANDY EVER!!!
Then me and my sis got more...from our friends....><
But then we gave it away to some girl that started talking to us...
Apparently she remembered us from Elementary school...
But we did not remember her...

PINK tounges!!
we got our friend, Kristinn, to take some pics and then he teased us by taking some air photos>< xD
But it was a cool one so it was alright^^

"I has beer!"
"We has twins!"
"FUUU! Me be mad!"


Suddenly a hat stealing country bumpkin appeared!!
He tried to be scary....
but he had to give up and return the hat....

Some beer was spilled... and Sigga managed to fall....
We where standing and thinking about taking a ride in the cups...
But we ended up not doing it...
Too many kids in the line up...

There where quite a few concerts...but this was the only one we saw....
And we did not see much of it
THEN we walked back home....

OR NOT! We stopped at the shop where this man/gun was being sold.
Sigga was talking about that since the gun holder...something...was his leg, but what was his trigger then...?
I know you can think of that quite well by yourselves....xD

And back to the harbor we went!

We hanged in front of "Ragga bar" where Jon's sister was working( in the striped sweater).
OH! And see the wool sweater Sigga is wearing!?
Her mother made it and it has Totoro on it!!!! <3
And yeah Jon thought that they where being weird...
Or so I would like to sayxD

I was wearing Jon's mittens....
I steal them ALL the time!
And my sister bit my finger :'(
MONSTERS!!!....and one smiling one...
Jon and his sister where making creepy looks.... o.0

Tyrkish pepper...we still have it and Dracula...

A bracelet from Sigga!!!! ><
It is so cute and went well with my outfit so I wore it right away!><

When we where walking home we saw that cat and it had to big wounds on his head o.0
I was so sad when I saw that because it must have hurt so much and I was so happy that my cat is an indoor one!

Ah! The sky was so pretty! <3

Then I started camwhoring...
And trying to get my friends into the picture...

But they took care of that themselves!!

And we ended up with this fun picture!!!

But with one friend missing from it :'(

The we played some card game!
I was in second place>< but my sister and Kristinn where in the last two places *evil laughter*

The cards where a silent hill one that Sigga got from Jon as a b-day gift^^
Then me my sister, Jon and Kristinn went out again.
AaaaND fooled around some and went to a ball in the harbor with a band called SOS, we danced a bit but it was kind of awkward since we felt that many people were staring.
Don't misunderstand we have often danced in front of people but this was so different o.0
The we walked some and Jon and Kristin sat on a....on a....bah!
Do not remember what it is called and I am to lazy to check google translateXD
And then Jon fell backwards from itxD

Then we sat down in front of the pharmacy.
And then we ended up at Gentle cafe drinking hot cocoa, mmmm! it was so good! ><


At Gentle cafe.
That pic of Kristinn was too funny not to put here!


Then some nest making started since Kristinn had a really nice time picking leaves and sticks from the nearest bushes and putting them on my sis shoulder, without her noticing!

Jon then decided that it was time to roll the rest of the way home...

But me and Kristinn did not agree with Jon's decision, so we decided to DRAG him home....
But that failed completely!....-.-'

Well we did not take any more pictures but we did go swimming the next day.... and we went to the hotel where me and my sis work and had a dinner^^



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