June Haul

yay! time to make a haul post! *laugh* Kinda funny since we only started this blog yesterday...XD but we bought a lot of beauty products in June, mostly to clean our skin, but we also bought for our hair and nails. Recently we have really fallen in love with the products from Eucerin and they really are great!

Description of product: Eucerin Smoothing Face Cream 5% Urea is a daily facial care for the dry and very dry skins. It can be used as a base of make-up, after shaving, and in supplement of treatments (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne).
It penetrates instantly, reduces the tughening and gets an effective hydration of the outer layers of skin. Skin becomes soft and supple again.
Fragrance-free, dye free.

Both of us get dry skin on our eyelids often, and I get very dry skin between my eyebrows and this works really well on that! I feel it is kinda thick so I don't use too much of it or I feel my skin gets oily and I get more acne because of that...-.-'

Description of product: A regeneration cream which provides soothing moistureand relief to comfort redness-prone skin at night.
It also promises to minimize redness in two weeks, and though I often feel that my redness could be lesser, it did work very well! :3

Description of product: A daily moisturizer with green concealing pigments to instantly reduce the appearance of redness. It provides immediate redness relief, moisturizes and protects.
As it says in the description it is a green liquid, you have to put more of it on the places that are red, but that is no problem since it is neither too thick or oily! a big plus! it is very good to put it as a protection under your make-up:)
It also contains a sun protection.

Product description: This delightful toner imparts an instant burst of radiance and freshness. It revitalises and tones as it completes the cleansing process for skin that is soft, soothed and well moisturized.
How to use:
Apply to a cotton pad after cleansing morning and night, wipe it on the skin.
Skin type:
For all skin types. Clinical studies prove an excellent compatibility even on sensitive facial skin. Fragrance-free.
I use this both mornings and evenings, to clean my skin, and in the mornings I want my skin to be able to breathe better under all the makeup, and since this product is supposed to do that I think it is the perfect thing to do! :D

Description of product: The scrub unclogs pores and refines skin texture while reducing blackheads and blemishes. The skin in noticeably clearer, smoother and visibly refined. It is for acne-prone skin and contains no oil.
I love love love this! I have a big problem with my acne...well, not that big really...but my acne usually hurts and I often TRY to relieve it, but I end up getting wounds, and with me they tend to stay for a long time... even the smaller ones...-.-' I use this every two days, and I only get one zit at a time and it never causes me any trouble... When you use it use a small amount at a time, otherwise it might sting, and rub smoothly in a circular motion.

Description of product: Triple Active Re-Nourish Cleansing milk is a moisturising cleanser developed to meet the needs of dry and sensitive skin. Its creamy texture smoothes and comforts the skin.
Results: Your skin is left feeling thoroughly cleansed, soft and hydrated whilst feeling comfortable and less taut.
Directions for use: Apply morning and evening with cotton wool, gently massage and wipe away.
*laugh* I have to confess I never really knew WHAt excactly milk was supposed to do other than clean my skin...XD what a fail...
so far I have really liked using this milk, it smells good and it is easy to remove makeup using it.
This one can both be used for face and eyes, but be careful not to apply to much on your eyes...it might sting a little!

Description of Product: Clean & Clear® Blackhead Clearing Cleanser is specially formulated to start acting against blackheads from day 1.
Removes oil, dirt and dead cells trapped deep in the pores – the impurities that can lead to blackheads. It also contains a blackhead-fighting ingredient and helps prevent blackheads from coming back.
Clean & Clear® Blackhead Clearing Cleanser, with soothing actives, is gentle enough to use everyday to thoroughly cleanse your skin and fight blackheads. Your skin is left feeling really clean from day 1, beautifully clear and refreshed.
I love everything that gets rid of blackheads! I have a lot of them on my nose and between my eyebrows, and I could feel it right after the first day that all the dirt in my holes was coming out, it was kind of uncomfortable at first, but now it is OK:3 It also sting a bit, but after a short time it feels really good, and refreshed:)

Description of Product: Vitamins + Soy Protein.Hydrates Cuticles & Strengthens Nails!Nourishes and helps restore dry nails and cuticles.You have: Dry, weak nails and rough cuticles.You want: Strong nails and healthy-looking cuticles.How it works: An intensive treatment with Bio-Active Vita-Soy Complex penetrates the nail with nutrients essential for healthy nails. Nourishing Anti-oxident Vitamins A, C ,E and Pro-Vitamin B5 promote strong, healthy nail growth. Moisturizing Aloe conditions for visibly smoother, healthier cuticles and stronger nails. You'll get: Stronger nails that resist daily wear and tear. Cuticles that look and feel smoother and healthy. More beautiful nails - with or without nail color.
My nails where in a horrible state, they where soft, broke a lot, and where peeling so I wanted something to make them stronger. I found this cream at the local pharmacy and decided to try it, and I do not regret it! :3 It smells nice, and my nails are a lot stronger now!

Description of Product: With a Thermal Shield Complex, protective formula safeguards strands and creates a layer of protective gloss.It instantly shields all hair styles against damaging effects of heat styling that can cause frizz and UV exposure. Makes hair smooth and silky with vibrant shine whether you style straight or curly. Minimizes color fading.
My hair was in a bad shape one and a half year ago after it got burned while being dyed...-.- I had to cut it a lot, and it was very dry and in a VERY bad shape! I have tried many hair products after that, and after I started using this, my hair is so smooth and looks very nice^^,

Description of Product: Boost your ego – mend and protect dry, damaged hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments and styling. Adds strength and elasticity. Seals hair for a healthy look and feel. Enhances shine
To Use: Smooth a small amount into the ends of damp hair. Do not rinse.
My ends are in great condition! They've never really been split or anything, but they look especially good now:3

That's it! *laugh* and you can actually expect a new haul post soon, since we ordered circle lenses, your first one, yay!!! and fake lashes, both upper and bottom and some makeup^^,
I am especially excited about the lower lashes, since I have been wanting to try them for quite some timeX3


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