Finally great weather!

Nice to meet you guys!
We are two sisters, twins, that have wanted to make a blog for some time:)
We go by our middle names Emilia, Emi for short and Lea>.< This blog is gonna be about our everyday life, which revolves a lot about gyaru and Japan! :3
We really like Gyaru, and wish to become good at it, and practice it almost every day when we are not working^^,


Now that the introduction is finished.... This day has been great! It was hot and my (Lea's) first day off after working for ten days straight! -.-' and I have three days off!!! wooohhooo!!! XDarg, the day did not start as great...we had to take all the bags of grass 
in our garden and take them to where we are supposed to dump grass..-.-' smelled so bad...! T^T

Then we whent home and did our hair and make-up and went outside to get some icecream...omnomnom then we walked around town and went to a little park, took a few pictures and then met our little niece with her friend on the way back, she told us her mom was sitting outside a restaurant close by so we decided to go there and sit down with her for a little while. When we got bored of that, I really really wanted to go buy "Appelsín" an icelandic soda that resembles fanta, but is muuuch better :P actually, both of us have stopped drinking soda *laugh* but you can win an iPhone or an iPad and I reeeeaally want an iPhone.... oh! that reminds me... I still haven't checked if I won! hahaXD ... *sigh* didn't win anything....
We also took a little stroll to the harbor, and met our mom there. Together we went to a small cafe and we each got lobster tails!!!!!!!! I've been craaaaving it for so long since I work at a waitress at a hotel and they cook lobsters often!!! so happy :3

The cafe we went to.... it used to look much nicer... well you can't see it all, but it was so open and cute, but then they decided to put some building in front of it and squish the cafe behind it in a much smaller place...:(


yay! walking in the cold water...-.-'

Thanks for reading gals!<3

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