Romwe, Lookbook and more^^

Hi gals!!! So much has happened this weekend, but so little sleep!!!
Had our friends over, which is a blog for another timeXD
But my sis, Lea, found a really cool site called Romwe
, they sell clothes and they also offer fashion bloggers clothes for advertising their site and of course clothes, accessories, shoes, etc....
There are also quite many clothes that are gyaru like, saw one shirt there that I would LOVE to get><
We are gonna apply....but I do not know if we will get it, it would be fun, but we do not have a big blog><

Clothes from JIGGY on Galstar, Rakuten<3
Love that shirt, wear it all the time, but I wish I had more high waisted pants to go with it...

My eyemake, kind of blurry( the first pic), but I LOVE putting on makeup! I can hardly believe that this time 2 years ago was the first time that I ever tried putting makeup on!!!
AND I did not care so much about clothes either...and I was also much shyer about what to wear and had lot of wrong ideas, thinking "this and that" does not suit me....

I love how my curls came out that day! The looked so nice and not messy!! They always looked so messy when I had blond hair, but not so much now that I have red hair....although we will have to dye  our hair again soon, which is why we have already made an appointment with the hair saloon! ><

Pictures from another day... I not remember we sometimes change clothes twice a day....depending on the weather...><
My forehead looks kind of big in some pics when I have my bangs like that o.0 

Lashes make my sisters eyes POP!!
(Hopefully not like balloons though.... )

FLASH sometimes makes pictures weird xD

Yay...! xD
a lookbook look><

Well then BAI BAI until next time!
But then we will talk about "MÆRUDAGAR" and how weird our friends are!

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