Hi gals ( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ
we just got our things that we ordered from PinkyParadise a week or so ago:)
We got it sent with FedEx, and it arrived on time, like 4-5 days after being sent, but this being our first experience... we had NO idea how it worked.... and since we did not know they had home delivery we just wrote our home's address on the site, but not where we are staying this summer... so we were kinda unsure for some days and sent them an e-mail, after getting an answer, we got it the day after! yay!

We each got lenses, but we will make a different post about them later:) Then we got us some Diamond lashes:3

We got two lower lashes, since we did not have any before and these are the Natural eye lashes.

I tried these on today, Love them! I put them a bit too low, but they are really cute! These are the Model eye lashes :3

The top lashes!!!! So beautiful! They are the Angel lashes:)

We wanted some gloss and got this really cute one from Melliesh, it looks so good:)
We also wanted a new blush and chose a lavender colored blush, it is very light and hardly shows on our skin unless we put a lot... hehe... but it is so cute:)
woohoo! also got a bb cream! love love love it! it is very soft and thin and looks amazing!

The lens cases we got, I (Lea) got the orange one:)Here are the lens cases and the lenses, hehe we put stickers on it to know which is right and which is left:)

We'll be making reviews about our lenses so stay tuned :P
やった!We also got our hair dyed today, RED! and I got my bangs cut! I look so different now! hehe, well we both do >.<

I am on the left and Emi on the right:3


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