Candy days 2012 *Mærudagar*, day two

August 05, 2012

hi gals!
We where so going to post this sooner, but I guess we have been lazy lately because of work and stuff xD :s
But well on the second day we got ready and went to the harbour with our aunt, uncle and nieces, the sun was SO bright and we where so happy, and like the day before we stole stuff from our niecexD
I(Emi) stole a black jacket from Forever21 from her, I love that jacket and SOO want one for myself^^

On the harbour they where selling slushies(?) 
But it was so popular that they where only selling water with differetn taste, so to say....D:
And really exspensive to!!!
My younger niece really wanted one, with all the tastes, but maybe only three where ready and we told her only to ask for those.
When the line came to her we just ordered for her but the woman said that not all the tastes where ready so she just HAD to get a mix of everything!!!
I was so not happy with that because then my niece just got a lot of juice instead of ice.....D:

So love this chocolate bar, has a peppermint filling^^

My feet where tired so I took my shoes off while I was sitting downxD ^^

Our nieces<3

At the harbour we looked at the whale wathching ships and even boarded one of them^^

Then later in the day when we got hungry we went to a seafood restaurant<3

Emi and our younger nieces started colouring together, but then Emi drew eyelashes and lips on the boy in the picture and our niece had a "fit" of angerxD 
But she just decided to add long hair and was then much happier with the picture than beforexD

Our older niece, just 13 and already taller than us....-.-'

Drawing the hairxD

The water to clean our fingers with, since we ordered us grilled lobster, so good!!!><

Us with our food<3

Then our niece found this horrible quality was SOO bad, and fortuneatly she did not get it^^ :s 

Well then here is our makeup and hair from day two <3~^^






We didn't really do much since none of our friends where here, we missed them so much, but they came to visit us at the same time last year, and we had so much fun! <3

But well that is all for now, but on the third day we went whale watching, and we will post about that soon!<3
Untl then, bye~ <3

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