Finally home ~ New lenses and JAPAN!

August 20, 2012

So today we are finally back home!
We took the bus from Husavik to Akureyri today after saying goodbye to our aunt, two nieces, grandma and our dog....T^T
It was really hard, but hopefully our grandma will come to Reykjavik before we go to Japan so that we can meet them again before going!

The ones that cried the most today, posing togetherxD

After arriving in Akureyri we had to wait at the airport for a little over an hour, but It passed by rather quickly so it wasn't that bad :)
After arriving home, we finally met our cats! we have missed them so much this summer, but they were kinda shy at first so they hid under a bed when when came home xD but now they have already started rubbing themselves against us again :3

Tonight we are just laying in front of the TV, we watched a documentary about the earth, but we are just REEEAAALLY tired!
Then we had gotten new lenses that arrived here last week and we are really excited to try them out tomorrow! We are going to meet our friends tomorrow and get some noodles at a very scrumptious noodle place downtown in Reykjavik, can't wait! it has been too long since we ate them last! :/
Then we also need to finish applying for our student visa~ only 10 days until Japan now, but we have gotten a room in a shared house in Tama, which is soooo convinient!

We had originally wanted to find an apartment in Tama, but never found one there, but then we decided to get a share house and found this one that just opened in April and is really nice looking, and not too expensive (even though because of the currency, it kinda suck though...-.-' ) WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!

Here is what it looks like~ so beautifuuuul~~~ :3

That's it for now~ until next time, bai bai<3

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