Fun day with friends!(Pic heavy)

August 24, 2012

Hi gals!
Last Wednesday we went to town to meet our friends and do something we had been wanting to do for a LONG time!
And that was to go to the family zoo here in Iceland!><
We went there last year in may together, and we had wanted to do the same this year...but we had no spare time to do it....:s
But well! We did it now and it was so mch fun!
But we did have to go to the Japanese Embassy first to apply for our visa, which went well^^

There where 4 mice there! And they where so funny!
One of the smaller ones was always in the corners jumping up!xD
There where also bunnies there and they where so calm! And it didn't bother them at all that we where petting them! Too cute~<3

Silk(?) Baby chicken<3
Those silk hens where so cute! Never seen one before, but they had more of a fur rather than feathers! *O*

Hahaha, this chicken and one other white where so funny! They followed each other EVERYWHERE!

There are also two foxes there and they where so cute!

Then inside there was a mink

We all love this so much!

Chubby! I loved this mirror, so much fun to look in it and see oneself so chubby!<3

She was going to eat us! D:

When we first came there was no water in the seals habitat, since hey where cleaning it, so they where just laying there lazily. But as soon as they could swim, they where swimming all over the place! So cute! <3

DAT ASS!!!!!

This one acted like he owned the place and really liked getting attention!
haha, well most of the animals liked getting attention, whic is quite funny since I would have thought it was the opposite!xD

We all acted like little kids, playing around in everything that was therexD
I(Emi) was such a klutz when ging off of this one, when I had already taken one foot off I slipped and I just hanged there up side downxD

While we where spinning our friends where trying the "monkey slide" although the one here isn/t that good....:s It lacks speed and strength.
But it was fin either way!xD

Well....not really though...since I was wearing biker shorts^^ xD

The boys ofcourse did the best job at this one.....since they where tall enough to jump off from the ground....something we did not manage to do....

We all secretly wanted to try this one....but I guess we all felt kind of embarassed to do that in front of all the kids and parentsxD :s

Then we climed up here to see the view^^

Then we went to see the seals and foxes again before leaving.

Then we went to a bar since it was still to early to go eat something

Then we headed over to a pretty new place called Roadhouse, and on the we we joked around and did our "fat baby smile face" xD

And other facesxD

Everything getting serious on deciding what to eat^^

So love this picture!

At Roadhouse you get popcorn as an appertizer^^
But we all ordered us some starters to eat before we got our hamburgers, since we all ended up choosing that^^

Our friends beer, but we do not drink^^
(Althoug our friends are always trying to get us to drinkxD)

The fries where deep fried TWICE! So they where really crunchy and yummy! <3

Well after eating we went to a pub quiz, and the theme was Japan&Comics, so we did pretty well!><
And for ONLY this time we let our friends count us as one person, since there was only supposed to be 4 people per team.
But since the quiz took quite a long time we had to go catch the bus before it finished, so we do not know how many points we ended with:s
But it was a really fun day and we where SO tired afterwards!xD

Well that is all for now! Thanks for reading!<3

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