Trip to Town

August 14, 2012

Hello lovely gals~

We've been bad bloggers lately, sorry about that...
but actually, we've been updating our ameba more...
It's somehow so much fun truth to be told, I feel that it is easier and more fun to update about our daily life... don't know why really...xD
haha~ but we still really like this blog, we just need to customize it more, because it is kinda really boring right nowxD

haha, so we went to Akureyri, a town close to were we work, last week and if you read our ameba you might have already seen these pictures by now, but here it goes~ :)

So, like I said we went to Akureyri, but our main purpose in going was to take our dog to the vet, and to visit a family friend to say goodbye to her, but this was kind of our last chance to do so since she is going off to America on the 18th, but we only finish work at the 19th D:

Like every clothes-crazy girl is best at, we ofcourse spotted a sale in one of our favorite shops and went crazy in fitting on LOTS of clothesxD
Since we are kind of picky we only took pics of the clothes we liked... we might like one clothing a lot, but then we try it on and are just like meeehh.... do not wantxD

We REEEEAAAALLY wanted that dress, like sooooo much... but we had already decided on other garments that were kinda expensive...and so was the dress.... because...we ended up only choosing clothes that were not on sale xD so typical~ and those shoes too, even the shop staff agreed that the socks look adorable with the shoesxD but Icelandic people don't usually wear socks like that, or even care that much about socks, which is horrible because it makes it so hard for us to find cute socks! :<

Funny story! I like teasing Emi (Emi loves teasing me too, she really is an M!(sorry, just had toxD))
We love camwhoring, I guess every gal doesxD but Emi was trying to take a picture of herself, but it was not going well. so I snatched the phone from her and told her she just did not know how to do it and said I would do it! and I did! and I took a very cute pic of her and showed her, she was happy, but she did not want to agree with me that I am much better at taking picsxD OK, maybe it was not that fun of a story, but still... it will stay there!xD

Thanks for reading~!

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