August 20, 2012

Hi lovely gals!

For the past three months we have been stuck up north, far away from our family, friends and pets!D:
(well mostly far away from our mom and catsxD)

But today we will finally get to go home!

We are just way to happy, and I (Emi) can't wait to meet our cats again!!!><
*warning crazy cat lady*

Well the day before yesterday was our last day at work and we where overjoyed, but yesterday was originally supposed to be our last, but since we asked to be let off earlier to get to spend time with our family our hotel manager allowed us to go home sooner.
Which in a way was kind of hard for her since there where other twins working under us that had already asked(our their mother had asked in their place....xD)

Although we where happy er where also kind of pissed becuase we had lent one of our coworker one of our belts because her pants where to big on her(we thought she was going to return them shortly afterwards). 
But now few days ago I had to remind her of the belt and sometime during our last day she just went into our room and left it there without any thanks at all!!!
Just how rude is that!?
And to top that off the belt was SO damaged!
Did she really think that it was right to borrow something and not return it in the same condition she got it in?!
urrrg! We where pissed, but we are so much scaredy cats that we have yet to say anything to her....-.-'

But on other notes!
Tomorrow we are going to go apply for our student visa!><
There are only 10 days until we go to Japan and we have already booked a room in a shared house where we will be staying for the whole year!><

And then we are going to the "Family and farm animal garden"......(That's the direct translationxD) with our friends, but they have farm animals and other wild animals that are here in the nature like seals, foxes, raindeers, cows and pigs^^
We also went there last year with them, and we had wanted to go again in May but we never had the time for it....D:
So we are going to try again this week before everyone heads off to Japan!

But well time to get ready!
Until later gals!<3 ^^

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