Candy days 2012 *Mærudagar*, day three; whale watching

August 09, 2012

HI gals!<3
Here is the third and final part of our weekends(from some weeks agoxD).

Oh! And before I go on, I had wanted to say this in the last post, but we used to live in this town where "Maerudagar" are held, and we lived there for 2 years. But we never really fitted in(We are also to shy to start talking to people and getting to know them:s).

But it was really funny when on the second day when we where at the harbour and there was some music playing on the stage and some former classmates of ours where standing in a line close to us.
Then one of them noticed us(we had already noticed them, obviously), and it was so obvious that he asked his other friends "hey isn't that Emi and Lea?" (although he probably used our first namesxD) and then the all gradually looked back at us.
It was quite funnyxD But I guess we are kind of used to stuff like this, and we do look a LOT different than when we where 14-16 years old(still have childish faces, but not as much as beforexD)

But well!!! Whale watching!
Since we work at a Hotel, and the hotel helps the whale watching businesses in Husavik advertise the staff gets to go whale watching without paying, and we thought it would be a great idea to take advance of this(athough we have gone at least 5 times before) and invite our nieces with us!^^

Be warned!!
The following pictures will feature a lot of unfashionable people! xD
But enjoy!^^

We looked oh so good in these long ORANGE jackets....-.-'

Lea manages to grab one of the "prettiest" ones...and also the warmest....wish I had also gotten one of these....lot warmer.
We did dress up "well" before comming, but not well enough since we though we would all get one of these...:s

The back of one of the whales we saw

On the way down again^^

And down he went!

Getting tired....

I(Emi) was tearing up so much because the wind went so much in my face when I was taking the pictures...:s

Our niece was falling asleepxD

Penguin!!! I really like this pic! xD

Everyone getting tired on the way back, but whale wathcing takes up to 3 1/2 hour....

It was so comphy sitting down there!!>< Althoug it probably looked very weird!xD

Went "upstairs" at the end, much better view there!><

Emi took so many crappy photos....but at least there where few "decent" ones in betweenxD

We saw so many dolphins!!! We where all so happy "oh-ing" and "ah-in" all the timexD

Then we got some cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa!!!
We originally had the choice between two companies, North Sailing and Gentle Giants, but we choose North Sailing because they had Cinnamonrolls, but Gentle Giants had sconesxD

Well that is all, I hope we did not bore you with ALL these photosxD :s
Until next time!!~ ^^

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