Gal VIP, GGM: Clarifications

In regards to becoming a Gal VIP models, we have one thing that we want to clarify.

In the beginning we where asked by Ririn to join her GGM, and we where really happy to be invited to join a gyaru magazine. But after a few days we had yet to hear anything from her about it, and we did not even know who else was partaking in it.
So when Chaudie asked us to joined GAL: VIP we where OVERJOYED. She added us to their group, and introduced us there and IMMEDIATELY we where swarmed with warm welcomes.
That is one of the reason why we really do not regret changing groups, because they made us immediately feel like we where a part of something.

Everyone is saying things like GAL: VIP are elitist, but neither of us see it like that, everyone there is really nice!^^

So everyone, we would really love it if you would show support by liking the official GAL: VIP FB fan page <3

And also check out the blog and twitter <3<3<3<3

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