Sandclock: New Album Realease Orifice!

Hi pretty gals!
About two weeks ago we went to a release event to one of our favorite duo's new CD called Orifice!

Also after going there, we were chatting with a friend on FB and he told us that in English Orifice is a word over the holes on ones body...especially the anus...D:
But thankfully it has a different meaning in Japanese...Although that is also kind of weird...xP

During the same day, our uncle's daughter was in town, so before the concert started we went to Futagotamagawa to shop a bit!

While in Futagotamagawa we walked past the store were we bought the first CD we got from them, and there was an advertisement there for their new album! Made us really happy!

Then we just headed back home until it was time to head to Yokohama, but the first release event was held there!^^

In Yokohama~ Got their CD and a ticket to get their autograph afterwards!
Before the concert started, they were introduced to the stage (of course), but the guy introducing them also said something along the line of: "And tonight we even have some foreign fans with us", which made us both embarrassed (especially with everyone looking at usXD) and happy! haha
Then they sang a few songs, and afterwards there was the autograph session^^

After fanvgirling over them we of course took some purikura!

What we were wearing was:

Hat→Lip Service
Setup→Lip Service
Coat→Lip Service
Shoes→Kobe Lettuce

Shoes→Lip Service

We also vlogged about this day, where we show what we bought, try some footmasks, and show some funny stuff from YokohamaxP Also a purikura video!



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