Family Reunion

Hi pretty gals!

Around two weeks ago me and Lea decided to meet up with one of our friends, Natalia, and go visit the share house that we all lived together in in last year!
We all really love the people living there and we hadn't met most of them for more than half a year!

In the morning however, I, Emi, went to Dot1101 in Ginza to get eyelash extensions! I decided to get them quite natural, as (most of you might have noticed already) recently I have started doing a lot more natural makeup! Still love gyaru makeup and especially the fashion, but somehow I just don't feel satisfied anymore with my fakelashes, often felt like they were out of place somehow:s (Much to Lea's dismay...xP)

Really happy with my eyelash extensions! I ordered through Hot Pepper, and they have an offer between 11am and 4pm on weekdays for around 4000¥! Although I had to pay more as mine are darkbrown instead of black, and for some reason those cost more:s

Met with Natalia in Asagaya station and we headed to an Okonomiyaki place there that we have gone to a few times before! And of course we got some ramune ;)

Yummy food! We always want to go to places where we can do the Okonomiyaki by ourselfs! I hate going to eat okonomiyaki just to get it cooked to my table...always get so disappointed...

The shopping street in Asagaya!
After eating we wanted something sweet so we went to Baskin Robins and made the staff there surprised when the three of us all ordered three scoops of Oreo ice cream each! No other flavor as we all love oreo so so much!

 We also stopped in a candy store and went a bit to crazy there...
We also arrived to our share house before everyone came home...and we had already finished most of the candy before anyone arrived...oops

Then slowly everyone came home and we had such a good time! One of our friend also invited us to her second wedding party, to which we went to recently and had such a great time there!

We just love all of these people so much, and sitting down there really felt like 'old times' again, and even Daisuke said that this felt like family!^^ These people really do feel like family❤︎


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