Walk with Noa

Hi pretty gals!
Thankfully spring is almost upon us, so that means perfect weather for walks and lots of pretty flowers!


 So the other day we had to go to the bank, but afterwards we also decided to go for a walk with Noa as the weather was super good!

Don't know if we said this properly on our blog, but a few weeks back we decided that we wanted to adopt a dog! So recently we found a really cute toy poodle named Noa, that is now a part of our small family❤︎

But, well, on our walk we happened up on some pretty things that we decided to share with you gals!^^

 We also found this Sakura shrine! Just how pretty is that!?
Those of you who have gone to shrines in Japan most likely know this, but when visiting one you always clean your hands and mouth (although most people just pretend to touch their mouth with the water) with water that is usually located close to the entrance. And since we were doing that we also did the same to Noa! xP

 Noa being happy under the Sakura blossoms❤︎

The flowers around the shrine are so pretty, so I took a lot of pictures!
I just absolutely love taking pictures with iPhone 6s+, as the quality is just so good! Not to mention that I don't have to carry around a big camera! (Which I am also to lazy to use...-.-')

If anyone is interested to go there, then this shrine is in Sakurashinmachi on the Den en toshi/hanzomon line!^^


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With love♡

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