Getting our nails done

Hi pretty gals!
Few weeks back we made an appointment to get our nails done! Lea had only had hers for 2-3 weeks though, but she had never been fully satisfied with hers so we just decided to make an appointment early, as I also wanted to get mine done!

Lea's look for that day, all RESEXXY except for the shoes as they are from Kobe Lettuce.
It was a really great look for the morning as it was sunny and warm, but later in the evening it was so horribly cold!!!><

Our nails!
I just wanted something simple with a clear base and flowers. While Lea wanted bijou nails, almond shape and marble effect^^ I would say that our nail artists did pretty well ❤︎
We were really happy with their professionalism and how artistic they are!

Taking pics with our new wide lens for our phones ❤︎

After getting our nails done we window shopped a bit, ate at Ootoya and then met up with our friend Haru! We headed to Harajuku with her and got some REALLY, seriously good pancakes!!! The pancake place is called Cafe Kaila! Seriously way better than Eggs'n Things, as unlike Eggs'n Things their pancakes aren't dry, and their strawberries do NOT come from CANS.
But then on the other hand they are also more expensive, but definitely worth it!

We got their specialty, which they only serve 300 of a day! It costed a little over 2000, but we shared it and it was good for the three of us!

We also got a body scrub and lotion from LALINE, but they have so many amazing smells!

We also have a vlog from this day, so please check it out!^^


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With love♡

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