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Hi pretty gals!
Since we came to Japan we decided to start vlogging! We have already mentioned it before, but we decided to make a short post about it!

We've had this channel for a while and have been posting some videos once in a blue moon, but since our life is a bit more interesting and we can go to fun places here in Japan we decided to make it a more regular thing, and so far we are loving it! And we hope you are too!!!!

We mostly just do about our daily life, or those days where we are not just working or being lazy, so shopping, walking around, OUR DOG!!! Stuff like that! (Hope that doesn't sound too boringXD)

We also go a lot to purikura, and to begin with we had them included in the vlogs, but now we do them separately, so you can look at those and see which ones you might be interested in trying out when in Japan~

So if you are interested in seeing more of our life here please head over to our channel, and even subscribe if you like what you see.
Ofcourse all shares would be highly appreciated along with all and any comments you might have!
We would love to hear recommendations if we could do anything to improve what we are doing, or if you have any places you would like us to visit!


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With love♡

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