Rienda Home Collection 2016

Hi pretty gals!
In the beginning of April Rienda released a new home collection, and as we had a few hours to spare we decided to head over to Donki in Mizonoguchi and check the collection out!

Like you can see from these pictures they released four prints, sunlight flower, blooming flower, spread flower and riendy. In each print they offered; cushion, pillow case, towelket (?), half blanket, three piece bed cover set in two sizes and a bed pad.
The prices are pretty decent the most expensive one costing 4980¥.

We decided to get two bed covers! the blooming flower and sunlight flower! The quality is quite good in our opinion, so we definitely recommend it! We also bought extra pillowcases so we can have two pillows with the pattern^^

The setup in Donki, we were really happy that they still had a good stock of everything as last time we checked their old stock in Shibuya and they only had blankets left. This time the only thing they lacked was the bed pad in all colors.

We decided to get only the covers, but the blankets seriously looked and felt like bad quality towels. Seriously would not recommend them, probably also collect dust or fall off easily so even if you used it as a towel you would end up with a lot of dust on your hands after using it...
At least that was my impression of them :s

We did think about getting the pillows, but they seemed really good quality and are really well filled out! But we felt that maybe having so much of the pattern would be too much... So we ended up not getting them.

It's always fun when the clothing brands you like expand out a bit and make other useful stuff so this made us really happy!!

If you are thinking of getting new bed covers you should definitely look at these!


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