New Hair + Goodbye

Hi Gals!
Last Sunday we decided to go and get our hair colored and get some extensions! But Lea had been wanting extensions for the longest time, and while I didn't care that much I decided to get them just for the volume^^ We booked it a few days before Sunday at Yu House, Lea at 11am and me at 1pm, we tried to book it at the same time, but couldn't><

Luckily when we arrived they decided to do both of us at the same time, but our hairstylist was Nakamura Hitomi (A really nice and sweet girl) and also some guy that I guess was more of a help?
I decided to go for a different color than Lea as I was a bit worried that hers would end up kind of "unsuitable for work", but it turned out good in my opinion, but I am still quite happy with my hair^^

Our hair after color and extensions~ All in all it was 13000¥ each which we feel is quite cheap, as in Iceland extensions cost 20-25000¥ and color and cut is often 13000¥ (Well unless we go to a hairdresser that our mom knowsxD).

I also loved how Nakamura talked when we were choosing the color! She explained everything! First she had to bleach it, then add some purple tone, and finally the color. This she did so it didn't end up yellow or something I guess. Makes me wonder if Icelandic hairdressers even know these tricks as I have never had one do this?

Then we really needed a new hairdryer as even as good as ours is (Remington), it just slows down here in Japan (Most likely because the wolts are too low for it), and we wanted to get one stronger...But as it turned out it wasn't any stronger, but now we can at least both dry our hair at the same time!^^ Then we also wanted to buy a triple barrel curling iron as we love those!
Then we went to 109 as Delyle had some set on sale, although I didn't particularly care for the skirt so we only ended with the of shoulder top^^
Then we also went to Lip Service, mostly because I was interested in their jacket and as it turned out they where having a set sale, a dress/ topbottom + jacket for 12500¥! So we decided to get that! Tried on one dress which I really liked as it is really lady like in my oppinion and looks really good on my chest area! Could not help teasing the staff a bit as she was wearing the same dress, and told her that it suited my breasts really wellxD To which we both laughed^^
Then we payed separately to get two novelty items, so we got the bag in both white and pink!^^ Love that bag so much!

Then got a picture with the staff, the staff besides Lea is the staff that helped us, wearing the same dress as we got in a different color. The other staff helped us last time we were there and bought the shoes and hand held mirrors^^ They are both so cute!

We then went back home to hang out with Travis as he would be returning home the morning after, took some fun pictures together and then headed to Koenji to an all you can eat buffet~ But that restaurants 5th anniversary was that day so you could drink and eat as much as you wanted for 2000¥ No time limit!

Took some purikura when going there~
The restaurant had live music and no seats, and there were a lot of people there! And he of course knew everyonexD But we met a lot of nice people, even one woman that works in PR with all kinds of visual kei artists, she was a bit older, but it was really fun to actually meet someone who knows of Miyavi and Sugizo, as usually Japanese people don't know who they are...><
And so many people knew Iceland, one is actually going there this coming August and another boyfriend is there now! Such coincidence! Then we met some Americans that know one of our classmate from University!

Then it was time to go home as it was late and Travis had a flight at 11am, but he was feeling quite sad about leaving + drunk, so going home took quite a long timexD We then fortunately had our selfie stick with us and took a picture together under the sakura, and that cheered him up a bit♡
He then stayed in our room for the night, thankfully we had some extra for him to sleep with, but this share house's rules are really stupid, as you have to check out between 10:30 and 5:30, meaning that if you have to fly early in the morning you have to check out the day before, leaving you with no room to sleep in until your flight...:s Way to stupid-.-'
Then the next day we said our goodbye for now, but we will definitely meet again in the future, whether it be in Japan or New York! We managed to become really good friends in only just five days!

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