Disney Sea

April 03, 2015

Hi gals!
Last Wednesday we decided to go to Disney Sea with our friend Haru, meeting her for the first time in one and a half a year! Did you know it is always said that people from Okinawa are always late? It is true, and she is...xD But we had to wake up really early and hardly did our makeup and dressed unfashionably to stay warm...xD But then as it turned out spring decided to peek in and it was pretty warm...meaning we could have been cuter...D:

Upon walking into into Disney Sea we saw Daisy walking around and decided to try to get a picture with her. She was really the cutest! She waved to us and all her movements where just perfect! Also one time when she was taking a picture with someone, her skirt flew up in the air, and the staff that was with her was just like "I saw nothing, really I did not see anything!". As for Daisy she has to stay in character!xD She then took our hands and walked us to another location to take a picture there.

Me and Haru went ahead of Lea to get fast passes to tower of terror, while Lea was buying some headbands! We actually ended up not riding it (*SAD FACE*), as it was for after four, and we had to go to other plans at that time...which ended up not happening (*PISSED FACE*).

We decided to go to the Big Band ----, I went to the line to the show, while Lea and Haru went to buy popcorn, but when they returned we found out that we should have all come to the line together save a place, and THEN go buy the popcornxD So back in the line we went!!

We finished finished the popcorn quite quickly! So we went to buy more~ Me and Lea love caramel the most, but Haru liked black pepper so much that we bought that!^^

 Managed to get one shot of the stage before we were told that it was prohibited taking pictures in there>< Or well at least with our big camera, no one said anything when we took selfies in therexD
But the show was so amazing! It was 1920s themed with lots of great singing and dancing, definitely worth checking out and the waiting time is quite good!^^ Don't even have to get there early as there is 99.99% chance of you getting a seat as there are over 1000 seats available! Which is a lot in my opinion! In the show you could see Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Marie, everyone so cute!
Our favorite scene was definitely Daisies song!

Then we decided to go grab something to eat, Lea and Haru both got some pasta while I got some chicken...which I definitely regretted as there was no sauce or anything with it and it was so DRY! Although I guess it would still have been really dry even with sauce... But the orange juice was really good! Was expecting just a really normal orange juice, but it was pleasantly delicious! Definitely the best thing I have gotten in Disney's restaurants as so far I have never really liked the food there...-.-'

Then went aboard some ship were there where mostly just kids playing around~ xD Also went into a tower beside the ship where they had these ships that you could steer around, we were only three in there + the staff member, and we were laughing like crazy at how bad we where at thisxD

Then decided to also ride the Merry-go-around ~ Which was fun, we almost always end up riding it^^ Then on our way back we saw Daisy again, this time with Donald Duck^^ Then of course we had to do our duty by forcing our friend to put weird, ill fitting, things on her headxD Doesn't she look perfect to walk down the isle?

Then we went CRAAZYY~ in the Disney store, but I now highly believe that the characters walking around are for two reasons! 1. for your enjoyment. 2. to get you to buy character goods! haha, and it sure worked in our case as we fell in love with Daisy and bought a lot!^^
Forgot to take pics of it, but we also bought two key chains (Ariel and Belle), and then we good a fork as a free gift since we bought for so muchxD My favorite buys are the diary and Daisy phone strap! Way too cute!
Which characters are your favorite?^^

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