Sponsored Review♡Milky Purple and Milky Pink from Pinkicon

Hi gals!
This time around we are here with a review of Milky Purple and Milky Pink by Venus Eye sponsored by Pinkicon!
Lea got them in purple while Emi got them in pink and both colors are so pretty!!!!

I, Lea, was actually a bit surprised by just how much I love these contacts!
They really lighten up my eyes and though you can see that they are purple most of the time, it looks so natural!!! Now we've already used ours for a month, which is so sad!!!! I almost feel like crying now that I can't use them anymore.... T^T

The packaging is really pink and cute, so that in itself just made us happy^^ haha~

♥DIA - 14.5mm
♥Water Content - 38%
♥B.C. - 8.60mm
♥Package - One set
♥ Duration - One month

Emi - One in.
Top one is with flash. Bottom is normal light.

Emi - One in, both in.
Both pics are taken in a normal light.

Lea - One in, one out.
Top pic is with flash, bottom is in normal light.

Milky Purple and Milky Pink side by side.
Both pics are taken with a flash.

Colour : 
I cannot express how big my love is for this color!!! They are purplish-grey somehow which really brightens up my eyes and look so good with Onee gyaru to me! I really am in love with them! ~Lea

I really like the color, they are pink, but somehow do not "scream" PINK. Quite natural for pink lenses you could even say! ~Emi

Design : 
The design is really pretty and the color blends really prettily with our eyes!

Enlargement : 
The enlargement is 14.5mm and they give a really good enlargement.
Comfort :   
Really comfortable! We've been wearing them for up to 12 hours a day with no trouble what-so-ever! But like always, our eyes tend to dry up, so we always keep eyedrops close!

Overall Rating :
I guess my gushing over them tells you a lot? :p
The design, color, comfort and just everything is perfect, and they look great on light eyes!
We have grey eyes, but they are kind of dark-ish, so always when getting light colored lenses, I worry that they will just make my eyes darker... and I don't want that. Thankfully that was not the case with these!!! They are absolutely perfect! So if you are searching cor those perfect ones to lighten up your eyes, I will 110% recommend these!


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Also if you intend on buying 1day lenses they usually have some offers if you purchase a certain amount of boxes you get some discount on them^^ 

So! If you like these contacts, be sure to pay Pinkicon a visit♡

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With love♡

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