NAILS NAILS NAILS & How To Pose With Them

Hi gals!
The other day we were fooling around and we decided to make a short "Guide" on how to pose, and NOT to pose, with your nails, all just for the fun of it^^
(Of course this is all just a joke!xD)
ALSO! Got new nails today, will post pics on instagram soon~^^

So when you decide to show only one nail it is highly recommended to tap it lightly on your chin, not the whole fingertip the middle of your cheek!

Again when showing only one, then placing your finger on your nose is not the right place, choose instead like before your cheek or your chin (Right under your lips, or on them).

Then when showing all of them, you want them to be almost the center of attention, but that is not done by looking straight at them, but rather placing them to the side of your face.

NO!           YES!

 Peace sign is a good pose, but I think it is quite obvious that the side of your face is not the best location for it to be.

 SO! I hope you all learned the right and wrong way to pose with your nails so that you would not make a fool out of yourselves!

These lenses are :
Witch Pouch's Shandy
Geeenie's Girls Kinrou

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