DaTuRa x Sakurina / 姉Ageha : New Items

April 08, 2015

Hi Gals!
Like many of you might have noticed we love DaTuRa! A LOT! 
Now they just released some new items in collaboration with Sakurina and 姉Ageha, so we wanted to show you the items that will come to their store soon!
Not everything will come out at once, but the first items will be sold in the store on the 10th and then more added on the 18th. These will be added a day earlier to their web store, so be sure to check it out!
BTW! Yay for two posts in one day!^^

First of are these three items, peplum top, skirt and a play suit.
These three items were made in collaboration with Sakurina. She first posted a picture of the play suit a week or more ago and we have been pining for it ever since then! The play suit also comes with shoulder straps which I really like!

Sun hats, tight dress, bag, tight dress with chiffon and chiffon overlay dresses.
Would really love to get my hand on the middle dress! Or at least try it on! These and the others are all in collaboration with 姉Ageha.

Long dress, bag on wheels, hand bag, strapless dress, tight dress.
It must feel so nice to feel that long dress flowing on your legs as you walk♡ These three dresses are all nothing short of perfection!
Then I love those bags! Especially the one on wheels! Perfect for short travels when you still want to be really stylish! (Or you just have a lot of luggage, but no travel ;) )

Cardigan, skirt, pouch, odd shoulder dress, belt.
Not the biggest fan of that sweater, don't know what it is, but none of DaTuRa's cardigans/sweaters have caught my fancy yet. But I however really like the skirt! And love that off shoulder dress! Looks so good!

Which items are your favorite?
Ours are the play suit, bag on wheels, the tight dress with chiffon and the off shoulder dress♡♡

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