Sushi + Dinner

April 07, 2015

Hi Gals!
Friday the 27th we made another try at meeting our uncle after he hadn't shown up on Wednesday. But before we went to meet him we went to Koenji with Travis to get some sushi together~♡



 Our look for the day~ 
Lea was using the Venus Eyes in Nudy Brown sponsored by Pinkicon and I was wearing Candy Magic in Alluring Muse from Online Contact^^

At the sushi place we got a lot of delicious sushi, although I have to admit that they used a bit more Wasabi than what I am used to or like...-.-' But I especially liked to deep fried octopus! So good! Then they also had Ramune, so we got that as we love it so much!
While eating we talked about a lot of fun things, and he also drew some stuff, bu he is an artist and a really good one at that! Really love watching people draw! (Most likely because I suck at it myselfxD)

After waiting at the train station for an hour (yay -.-') our uncle finally picked us up and we went to his place~^^
Everything is Delyle Noir, sans the shoes, as they are from Lip Service^^ Wish we had such a pretty mirror and surroundings in our share house!

Our uncle and his wife have two cats called Nio and Haniel, and they are just the cutest. They also have stray cats outside which they feed frequently and these two are Cleo and her Mama. Cleo meowed a lot really cutesy and has such a pretty face! Mama is a bit chubbier, but so cute (although it can not be seen so well in the picture:s)

The first day we arrived in Japan we had tried to buy pocket wifi, but as it turned out you had to have "gaijin" card (Don't remember what it is called) to buy it much to our disappointment, but luckily our uncle had one laying around so we got that one~^^
Then we ate dinner and after dinner we got a desert, a fruit roll cake and ice cream^^ Love roll cakes so much!

Then on our way home we decided to stop in Shibuya for some purikura~~ Took two as we love it too much!^^ Really miss the puri kura's from 2 years ago><

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