Fun in Harajuku

April 19, 2015

Hi Gals!
On Monday the 30th we went to meet a friend of ours that went to Obirin with us~ We decided to meet up in Harajuku as he loves it there, and we don't really care where we go^^
Was actually going to post this one before the Hanami one, to have it in correct order but accidentally posted the other one firstxD

 Emi - Lea

Selfie time~

Everything was from Lip Service, except for Lea's bag, which is from Rienda^^

 After grabbing something to eat we dragged him to the Volks store in Harajuku as we wanted to check it out^^ They have so many pretty dolls and both the interior and exterior of the building is so pretty! Too bad we can't take any pictures in there! Our friend also thought it was really interesting^^

After going to Volks we decided to go to Rady and on the way there we saw Pepper, so we decided to go in and talk to him. He was the cutest, we started petting his head, and he was really happy :P
Our friend also tried to say hi to Pepper, but Pepper kind of ignored him xD That was quite funny :)
Rady looked really nice, but somehow so empty!

Saw these shoes and came to the conclusion that they are probably great for self defense...xD
Then as we were walking past the Kebab place the guys working there called to us and asked us if they didn't know us, but we did go there like once or twice while on exchange, so we ended up chatting with them for a bit. Then they were so happy that we had come over to talk to them instead of just putting our nose up and walking away that they gave us something to drinkxD Quite convenient seeing as we were getting thirsty^^

Then went to Kiddy Land, they have so many cute toys, only looked at the first and top floor this time, but really want to go back soon and look at all the dolls that they have there!

Then they had an amazing amount of miniature houses and setups from Ghibli movies! So want to buy some of it sometime!^^

Especially liked these erasers, but you just choose one bottle and filled it up with the erasers that you liked^^ Then they had huge ass Power Puff girls and Kuma Tan merchandise^^

Rilakkuma and My Melo~ My Melo is just the cutest! Don't know who that character in the second picture is, but they were super cute so I snapped a photo of them^^

After wearing NOTHING but heels for the last week our feet decided to finally give up on us so we were forced to go to WEEGO to buy cheap flat shoes^^ It was a bit difficult as a few of the ones we wanted weren't available in the right size and when we finally found something we could buy we had changed our minds to these sneakers with lace straps (Which you had to buy separately)

Also camwhored a bit while waiting for the staff while they were checking on sizes for us^^

ALSO! What happened to my skill of putting laces in correctly!?!?! Don't ask me...:s

 Then we decided to go get some crepe, but while walking past Liz Lisa we noticed that Yuna was working, as seeing as we had promised her to come say hi to her we went in^^ We chatted for a bit, and that is when our friends love of taking pictures came in handy as he just put his bags down and asked if he could take a picture of us together! We were really happy as we are usually really shy about asking the staff for photos>< Silly us since it is such an easy thing to do when you think about it!

We of course ended up buying something there...But it was something we kind of "needed" as we wanted something cute for our hair, and hand towels are always convenient^^

Our usual pick of crepe stands was already closed by the time we got there so we decided to try the one against it, I got strawberry cheese cake and Lea got strawberry with caramel sauce^^ I love crepe with cheese cake, but I must admit that this one wasn't nearly as good as the one I usually got><

 Then we fooled a bit around in front of some store windows, then taking some selfies with our selfie stick~ Which we have admittedly used a surprisingly few times...

Then we had nothing we wanted to do in Harajuku so we decided to walk over to Shibuya, and walk the Cat Street there, which was really interesting for our friend as he had never went that way to Shibuya, so yay for us showing him something newxD
But we always walk Cat Street as it is a really nice street, and is usually so quiet!^^

After walking around Shibuya for a bit we had to head home, and since me and Lea wanted to take the bus he walked with is there were we happened up on this band, SANABAGUN, playing to we stopped and listened to them playing, they were really good! (And the singer to the side was also really handsome!^^) But unfortunately we didn't have enough in cash to buy their CD><
So after they finished we just went home><
But all in all it was a really good day!^^


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