Memories of Japan: Matsuri in Hashimoto

Hi Gals!
In the beginning of August 2013, and around that time, Japan was brimming with lots of Festivals, and as much as we loved them and wanted to go we somehow ended up only going to one!?!?
But today we want to show you some pics and tell you how it was, as it was a lot of fun!

We are in Japan and of course working on new posts~ But we still have few of these left to share with you guys, then soon we will make a post about Disney Sea~^^

Upon leaving the train station and walking to the street where the main festivities were being held we saw these Taiko performers performing! They were really great and there were so many people performing their art all around! There was one yoyo guy, some guy performing with balloons, some magician, singers all kinds of performances! There even was a Enka Karaoke for the old people!^^ (Well at least they were the only ones partaking in it...)
There was also a big stage where they were showing some dance performances! All ages and everyone was so good!

The streets were bustling with people, decoration and food stalls.
Which we of course enjoyed immensely :D

We of course wore our Yukata, but damn was it hot! Didn't have one of those "Yukata appropriate purses", so we just kept our money and stuff in our obi (had a belt under it that had a pocket), and it honestly got a bit damp....
Then later on in the evening our friend joined us and we got us some food and kakigori and then went to get some purikura~~~
I (Emi), didn't have any lenses so I had my glasses, but took them off for the purikuraxD I however quite like how they turn out, as I often feel that if you do not have a certain amount of makeup when taking purikura you end up looking an alien...xD

After eating lots of kakigori and taking purikura we all wanted to go to Karaoke, so we decided to go home, get cleaned up and go to Machida for an ALL NIGHT KARAOKE PARTYYYYYY~~~

After getting cleaned up we met up at the station to go to Machida, went to one Karaoke place that our friend had heard about being really fashionable and made a reservation there at 11, as that would be the cheapest. Then just walked around Machida buying makeup until our reservation!
But one of the great things about Japan is that there are many stores open up until late! Unlike here in Iceland when literally every store closes at 7 or earlier....-.-'

OOH! I just remembered, but as we were there just innocently minding our own business some really rude guy started bugging us... we ran to a near Matsuyoshi to hide from him, and looked at some makeupXD

The room we got was so cozy, and many of the decorations were Marimekko and FrancFranc! So definitely very trendy!^^ We then sang our voices away, while laying comfortably in the sofas covered with blankets and pillows~ (I especially made good of all the pillows in the room :P)
Then when morning came we went to McDonalds for breakfast and after eating took the first train home to finally get some sleep!^^

All in all it was such a fun day, and we hope to repeat this as soon as possible!^^

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