Sponsored Review: Pinkicon - Venus Eye Nudy Brown 1Day

Hi Gals!
Today we are again with a review sponsored by Pinkicon!
They are one day contacts called Nudy Brown by Venus Eyes. Having a very natural design, they are perfect for an everyday look!

Pinkicon also want to sponsor a giveaway for our readers, which we have decided to post on instagram, so please keep an eye out for that!♡

But for now, let's just get on with the review!

When we got the lenses in the mail we were quite surprised that three of the packages were black and the fourth one in pink! But that is because the .25, .75 packages are in black and the .00, .50 are in Pink!^^

It's really cute though, and we can't deny that the cute packaging made us extra happy!
Because, you know, boring packaging is just boring! While cute packaging spices up your life!!♡

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the contacts I picked are called Nudy brown, and are by Venus Eye.

When purchasing Nudy brown you get 20 pieces for 39.73$, which seems to be a special price as the normal one is 50.97$!!!! So you can save quite a lot, which is great as dailies are usually a bit pricier than other contacts!

Detailed look of the lens

One in - Both in

 Under different lighting

Basic Info :
♥Duration: Daily
♥B.C.: 8.7mm
♥D.I.A: 14.5mm
♥Water Content: 38.6%
♥Package: A box of 20
♥Price: 39.73$

Colour : 
So pretty!! I really like this dark, kind of reddish, brown and it feels very mature to me!

Design : 
I really like it! I think how the darker brown in the outer ring blends with the lighter tone and somehow allows the white of my eye to shine through is really pretty!
The color doesn't go all the way to my pupil so you can see quite a bit of grey, but it blends really well!!!

Enlargement : 
Perfect! Just what I would expect!
Comfort :   
Really comfortable!! I could use them for a long time without any discomfort. Like usual my eyes did get a bit dry though, so I just used eyedrops.
Overall Rating :
Really happy to have picked them! They are really pretty and comfortable and the color is just so perfect!♡
What do you think of these contacts? Would you consider getting them?
Please tell us what you think in the comments as we'd love to know!

And if you do like them, do check out Pinkicons' webpage!
They also have a lot of cosmetics worth looking into♡

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