Favorite Staff Coords Of February

Hi Gals
It is again time for Favorite Staff Coords! This time we will be showing outfits from February♡ The brands that we will show are Cecil McBee, DaTuRa, Delyle Noir, Duras, Lip Service, Luxe Rose, Michell Macaron, Rady, RESEXXY and Rienda.

We had wanted to include Chedel like before and add EmiriaWiz, but like always I only know of Maruyama Keiko's blog for Chedel and she doesn't post outfits very often and as for EmiriaWiz I didn't find any staff blogs only Aizawa Emiri's blog and I can't take any pictures from there:s Bummer....

But let's get to the outfits!

Cecil McBee
 Such a cute jacket!
 I love these outfits that have a colorful top and a white bottom!
 I think Cecil has a lot of nice summery clothes to offer for this spring/summer. Love their off shoulder tops and cute pastel colors!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE DaTuRa's flower prints, they are so summery, elegant and cute!^^
Love that this belt trend is still strong going and I think it is so cute and adds a nice accent to outfits♡

Delyle Noir
 LOVE peplum, want it to live on forever and ever!
 OMG! So in love with Delyle's color palette for this spring/summer! Those lilac pieces are to die for!
More peplum and tight skirts! I really like how they coordinate the lilac a-line skirt with the lilac off shoulder lace top, so cute! I however also saw one pic where the top was put over the skirt, instead of tucked in, and in honestly looked really bad! (Works for it in white OK though, seen above) Also for short girls the skirt can be worn as a dress!

 My favorite item of theirs is definitely those patterned shorts! Duras also has a dress with that pattern and I want it so bad! (Also saw that Chika bought it and can't wait to see a pic of her in it!) As much as I like Duras I don't feel that they have much of a "Gyaru" feeling to them? Some have, but the majority doesn't?

Lip Service

Luxe Rose
 I may not be the biggest fan of stripes, but I love how Luxe Rose did their stripes on those tight skirts and set! Also so in love with the first dress in the middle row!

Michell Macaron
 Can you believe that the girl in the gray set is only 148cm!?! But it comes to show that Satomin really cares about small girls like her getting clothes in the right size!^^
 Just love the elegant feeling of Michell Macaron, and then they also have dresses with low cut skirts! And I love those! Not to mention that their shoes are super pretty and elegant!

 Their dresses are all so lovely and fancy♡
Love how wide their selection is, can't wait to start cooking with a cute apron.... which obviously everyone needs in their life:p

 RESEXXY's flower patterns are really subtle and gorgeous. Their style is so sweet and pretty!^^

 That first pic is so cute! Had to include it only for this cuteness overload!
More pretty flower prints! Wouldn't mind owning all of their shoes also!

So which brand/outfit is your favorite?
I think color wise DaTuRa and Delyle Noir are my favorite, but then of course I also love the elegant feel of Rady! Not to mention all the pretty flower prints!♡

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