小悪魔ageha Memorial Model Profiles part. 3

March 21, 2015

Hi Gals!
Today is a yet another day for a new insertion of our 小悪魔Ageha Memorial series!
ALSO! It is coincidentally also the day that we go to Japan! We have been so excited, but this happened really quickly, as we did not expect to go this soon! We also didn't want to talk about it much online as we ourselves aren't really believing this, but as you read this we are on our way to Tokyo! Please wish us luck, and hopefully you will like this post!

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 Occupation - 姉Ageha Model Age: 31

Q1. What project in Ageha is memorable to you?
A. When I retired from the night world. I was so drunk that I do not remember anything from that day (lol)

Q2. What is your favorite TV shows?
A. First class (ファーストクラス)
ハート London Heartsハート

Q3. What is your favorite fast food?
A. Kentucky

Q4. What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. Of course Mentaiko (Walleye pollack roe).

Q5. What is your favorite character?
A. Barbieハート Then I like Goma chan more than you would think (lol)

The way I spend money has changedキラキラ Having someone to protect feels goodハート
Those of you that are so kind to read 姉Ageha might already know, but in July 2014 I gave birth ハート to a healthy baby boyキラキラ Honestly, I still find it very peculiar feeling to have a babyねこ Regarding marriage I am careful but when you get to your 30s you get impatient to give birth to a baby right! If you give birth to a baby, there will be nothing you regret in life. "Thinking for the sake of this child" enables you to work even harder thank beforeキラキラ
I worked until my 8th month of pregnancy, and one month after giving birth I started working again, so I only took a break for 3 monthsねこ
As for my room, before I always choose maisonette, but now I live in a family oriented mansion. Now I don't spend my money on gaudy stuff. My awareness has changedキラキラ

Occupation: 姉Ageha Model/ Mother of three - Age: 30

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Making bento for my children.

Q2. What do you buy a lot in the convinience store?
A. Cheese bread and cocoaハート

Q3. What is your favorite TV show?
A. Hiru nan desu! (ヒルナンデス!) is very interesting.

Q4. Do you do anything to fight off the cold?
A. I trust in heat-packs.

Q5. What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. I really like tuna mayo

Q6. What is your favorite character?
A. Of course Hello Kittyハート

That days of taking care of kids would come is something that I could not have imagined at that timeハート
Outside of photo shoots for 姉Ageha and blogging there is not much I do. SO for now I guess my special occupation is being a housewifeねこ
During my time in Tokyo, appearing in Ageha, my Diamante period, I could never have imagined my life with three kidsキラキラ My relationship with my husband has changed a bit since we marriedねこ He has become more indispensable to me now compared to the time we were dating. Since we had kids he works even harder at his jobs, which makes me really happyハート

Occupation: Merchandise Producer - Age: 26

Q1. What is your favorite TV show?
A. Kyou ha kaisha yasumimasu, I also had a time where I wanted a break from work. (I am taking a day off)

Q2. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Drinking tea at Daikanyama with my dog Chi-chan.

Q3. What is your favorite fast food?
A. I love Moz burger the mostハート

Q4. Do you do anything to fight off the cold?
A. At home I always wear my Gelato Pique socksねこ

I want to experience love, I want to take cooking classes, I want to serve someone...There are so many things that I wantハート
Lately there are so many things I wantキラキラ I had already stopped thinking about marriage, but the desire has come back, I want to get good at cooking, and I would like to take up cooking classes ハート
I want tableware, I want to serve for someones sake...キラキラ There is too much that I want to do so I feel troubledハート
I am especially obsessed with tableware, all my plates have to be white, or it will be no good. Heart-pattern or character plates are also NG. Moreover they have to feel heavy, as if they aren't good quality, they are no good!
Instead of just cooking leftovers from the refrigerator, my dream is to be able to cook a full-course french dinnerニコニコ Things like cooking for my husband and cleaning are something I want to do soonキラキラ I want to do housework for someone's sake. I want to serve someoneハート

Occupation: Manager of a Gion bar - Age: 28

(She speaks a really interesting dialect that can not be translated properly, at least not so you can understand how funny she talks^^)

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Trekking, cleaning and remodeling my home.

Q2. What do you buy in the convenience store a lot?
A. Chocolate-chip cookiesキラキラ

Q3. What words make you happy to hear?
A. "You really don't change". (Good meaning/intention)

Q4. What is your favorite TV show?
A. Chibi Maruko-chan.

Q5. What is your favorite fast food?
A. Mister Donutsキラキラ

Q6. Do you do anything to fight off the cold?
A. I use a mask.

The things I do for other peoples sake eventually are for my own sakeキラキラ
Long time no seeハート This is Yurika that manages a bar and a nail salon in Gionキラキラ "Something like management seems tough." is something that people often say, but I don't think so at allあせ The nail salon is managed only by Yurika, and the bar is managed by the order of Yurika and two pet dogsキラキラ
At the bar and nail salon I am usually without make. I work wearing something like a training suit. When I have free time I also work nightsハート Then I help my acquaintances with their house cleaning job, I do a lot of stuffキラキラ
It seems like management = worrying about money, but Yurika has never had such worries. Individual management is joining up with your customer so I put in a lot of devotion to do so and provide the greatest serviceねこ

Occupation: Vivian Contact Producer - Age:31

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Crystal spaキラキラ

Q2. What do you buy a lot in the convenience store?
A. Coffe and macadamian chocolate

Q3. What is your favorite fast food?
A. McDonald and Lucky Piero in my hometown, Hakodate.

Q4. What artist are you into now?
A. Ariana Grandeキラキラ Her face is so cuteハート

Q5. Do you do anything to fight off the cold?
A. I go to a crystal spaハート Take a bath and warm up my bodyキラキラ

Now I am living as my feeling takes me, probably a time in my life I am looking forward toキラキラ
Lately I have been doing photo shoots to advertise dresses and such, while living each day at my own paceキラキラ While I lived in my hometown, there weren't any other things I could do so I just worked in the night, but after coming to Tokyo there are so many things to do!
With working and places to have fun, there are just so many things to doキラキラ
Because of that, I am now having so much fun and I am so happyハート In Hokkaido there are not really any modeling jobs right. Especially, since I became able to play with Rin-chan and Emiri-chan and other Ageha girls, but also being together with such cute girls has become a great incentiveハート Because my motivation grows bigger, so there are only good things. My sense of beauty gets a rechargeニコニコ

Occupation: Mother of one - Age: 26

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Taking my daughter out to lunch with me.

Q2. What words make you happy to hear?
A. Someone complementing my daughter makes me note Just hearing "She is cute" makes me happy.

Q3. What is your favorite fast food?
A. Mac.

Q4. Do you do anything to fight off the cold?
A. I do nothing. I am determined to endure!!

Q5. What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. Tuna I guessハート (The kind that tastes a bit like chicken)

I look like the stronger one, but in reality it is my husband that takes the initiativeハート
After giving birth in 2014, my husband, our child and I started living togetherキラキラ
I make it seem hard on purpose, but we are living our married life quite happilyハート To begin with we hardly ever fought, but after giving birth we fight even less than beforeキラキラ My husband won't really express himself through words, but instead he is the type that does so in his actions. His kindness and that he thinks about his family shines throughねこ
I usually take care of the baby, but I don't think about asking him to helpニコニコ When I do my best, he will take me somewhere fun, so I look forward to thatキラキラ

Well, that's it for this times profiles!
We hope you are still enjoying them and are finding out something interesting about the models♡
We are finding this so much fun to do and we also learn a lot, so double-win! haha

Please leave your thoughts in the comments and have a nice day~

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