小悪魔ageha Memorial Model Profiles part. 2

Hi gals!
How have you all been? We have been great, although the weather hasn't been the best....
HOWEVER! We are no here with part.2 of the Ageha Memorial series! 
Hope you like it!

Also check out part 1 here:

Occupation: Kyabajo Manager and Model / Age: 26

Q1. What are your hobbies?
A. Yogaハート My body feels soooftハート fufufuハート

Q2. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Trying out different beauty productsハート

Q3. What do you buy a lot in the convenience store?
A. Strawberry yoghurtねこ

Q4. What words make you happy to hear?
A. Cuuuteハート

Q5. What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. Konbu (Any kelp of genus caminiria)

Q6. What is your favorite character?
A. I love Disney's Belle and Cinderellaキラキラ Aren't they cute?

The first time I did a photoshoot for a magazine was for Ageha, and I was so nervousねこ
I had worked so long in the evening business to the point that my thinking was like the boys. But as I started appearing in Ageha I started thinking from the girls point of view and started being able to see things for myselfキラキラ
To begin with I had never thought I wanted to be a modelねこ But when I tried it for real it was a lot of fun so I feel very grateful towards Agehaハート
I was never really interested in doing my hair and doing my makeup was just for the sake of going to the shopあせ Because I was thinking about the guys of the night world, I kept my eyelash extensions natural, and found that just good. I have my noon job where I can express myself to the girls, and my evening job where I can express myself to the guys. Because I have both, it is a lot of funキラキラ

I want to make my company big, but I don't feel like selling myselfハート
My private life is full of happinessハート Since I started my company it has been really hectic thoughあせ There are things that I really dislike, and there are things that make me really happy, my feelings get hectic so it is tiringニコニコ When I appeared on TV I was asked if  I wouldn't quit my evening job, but I feel that if I did I wouldn't be Emiri anymoreねこ Because "Aizawa Emiri" is my professional name. Even if people around me say something I want to continue as this "Aizawa Emiri"ハート
Evening is Emiri's starting point. Since I don't sell as I used to, even if I go I only stay for about two hours, but I still do not want to quitハート I always have fun when I go, it is a change of pace and I get to celebrate before going home. Then I also love wearing dressesハート Noon and evening, the me that does both is well-balancesハート

Occupation: Housewife / Age: 28

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Like always; games. Monster Hunter on 3DSハート

Q2. What do you buy a lot in the convenience store?
A. I don't go to the convenience storeあせ

Q3. What project in Ageha is memorable to you?
A. RihoRiho Republic.

Q4. What artist are you into now?
A. Imawano Kiyoshirouキラキラ

Q5. What is your favorite character?
A. Pink Pantherハート Love

He said that if we would both be single by 30 then the only option left would be to get marriedキラキラ
I have been friends with my husband since I was about 16 years old, I guess we started dating when I quit Ageha? It was "When we get 30 years old and are still single, let's get married (lol)" kind of a conversation, then we actually got married (lol)
Without much complain I just went along with itねこ Because we were friends to begin with, nothing much changed reallyキラキラ I always go about without makeup, and he is alright with it, which I find amazingly comfortableハート My husband works but I am living neatly-sloppy life like always (lol)
Now we live in a worn out mansion that looks like a monster might jump out of any momentねこ

Occupation: Housewife / Age: 31

 Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Trying out different Ramen restaurants

 Q2. What do you buy a lot in the convenience store?
A. Yocchan's squid and vegetable juiceハート

Q3. What artist are you into now?
A. Of course KREVAハート Btw, the song I like recently is Ouja no Kyuujitsu.

Q4. What is your favorite fast food? 
A. My hometowns conveyer sushi

Q5. What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. Tuna mayo and gomoku (5 different fillings)

2014 was a year full of good and bad things... all kinds of
It was abrupt but on the day of my birthday, 5th of December we got married. Then I entered my fifth month of pregnancyキラキラ
My husband is from my hometown and is three years younger. After meeting we soon started dating resulting in what is now going onねこ We started dating in July 2014, so it was a really quick wedding (lol) The feeling about him is that of a country-sides agreeable youthキラキラ He will not get angry, is kind, does things nonchalantly, he is the healing typeハート
He works a residential type of work. He will get childish at times and has a really funny personality(lol) In my hometown I used to work as an OL, but September 2014 they stopped operatingあせ Then four days later I found out that I was pregnant, so now I am taking a break from work. Somehow it was a shocking year.

Occupation: A bride / Age 32

Q1. What are your hobbies lately?
A. Getting really drunk in the backstreet in Ebisuハート

Q2. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Taking care of my dogハート

Q3. What words make you happy to hear?
A. Ever from before you have not wavered from your beliefsハート

Q4. What artist are you into now?
A. Momo Cloverハート

Q5. Do you do something to fight off the cold?
A. I wear two panties (lol)

Q6. What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. Japanse style tuna mayoハート

He is a person with a big heart that forgives Rina's selfishnessキラキラ
Long time no see everybodyキラキラ I have been in Ageha since it's first issue, and at that time I was always called a magical girl, Ayurina, Ayukawa Rinaハート
Rina just got engaged! Moreover my partner is younger than meあせ
He looks old, so when I first met him I thought we were the same age, so when I found out I was really shocked! (lol) We have been dating for nearly one and a half year nowハート He's really gentle and when I got out to play with friends he won't say anything even though I return in the morningキラキラ
For some time I actually worked in the nights, but I wasn't happy, but he saved me. Getting away from the night job and calming down is all thanks to himキラキラ
I am selfish, but I always feel very gratefulハート

Occupation: DJ / Age: 27

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Desperate Housewifes, I really like it!キラキラ

Q2. What artist are you into now?
A. Mr. Children

Q3. Do you do something to fight the cold off?
A. I put on lots of Hokkair (heat-packs)

Q4. What is your favorite Onigiri filling? 
A. Canned tuna 

Q5. What is your favorite character?
A. Funasshi

Q6. What is your favorite Fast food?
A. Moz Burger

Compared to before I do not expose as much but fundamentally I am the type to expose a lot.
Helloハート Nemukoto Emika here, I have been in Ageha since before its monthly publication was decided. Now I DJ by the name Emikaキラキラ After quitting Ageha I quickly changed over to DJing. I think it has already be 4 years? On weekdays I DJ in hotels and bars, but on weekends in clubsキラキラ Now when I think about it, at the time I was appearing in Ageha there were many photo-shoots each month so I never really got any long breaks. When I quit I took 1,2 months off to travel abroadキラキラ
In my teenage years I really wanted to appear in magazines so I dedicated my all to that. At the time I would only wear see through tops over my bras...a lot (lol)
Still by now I do not dress like that, but even now in some aspect I do expose (lol)

So that is all for this time!
But which one was your favorite? I was quite surprised by all the house-wifey talk!xD
Hope you enjoyed this installment as much as you did the last, and please keep looking forward to the next one two weeks from now!


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