Talking Makeup: Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow 02 Crystal

Hi Gals!
How are you all today? We are great! Although we cheated a bit on our diet yesterday....ooops :P
Two weeks ago we talked about Candy Dolls Lipstick in Ramune Pink and Lipgloss in Strawberry Milk, so if you are interested in those two then please check out our post on it!^^
This week however we want to talk about Dolly Wink's Cream Eyeshadow 02 in the color Crystal.

The packaging is pretty simple, but really cute. This cream eyeshadow comes in two colors, crystal and gold, and is made by Koji. I feel like this one, crystal, has kind of a blue-ish tone to it, so it is not completely white.

I recently saw a look were some girl had put this kind of cream eyeshadow on her cheeks which was really cute, and I think this one might also be used for something like that!
...and probably many other things, we are just so fixated on using it for our namida bukuro so that we haven't tried anything else out, but if you do buy it someday do experiment with it! :p

The first picture is only a thin layer of the cream eyeshadow, and the second one is a thicker layer, and if you use a brush you can get an even thicker layer! We usually use a brush to get a thick layer as we use it under our eye to create a namida bukuro look!^^

It's really sparkly, and is one of the few namida bukuro products that we have tried that shows up well on our skin. But our skin is is really fair so many of the products made for Japanese girls don't always work for for us. Especially the namida bukuro ones, so we were really pleased when we tried this one out! We have already repurchased it once and will definitely do again once this one finishes as we really do love it!

The only downside I see from it is that the "sparkly stuff" in it sometimes gets in your eyes, and though it isn't THAT bad, it can sometimes get kind of uncomfortable.

Looks we used this for:

 WOW!!! We sure have used it a lot, right?!XD
Probably quite obvious, but we really do love this cream eyeshadow and we definitely recommend it if you are looking for one!

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